Could Artificial Intelligence Help Understand Paranormal Experiences

Could Artificial Intelligence Help Understand Paranormal Experiences

The Robots are coming..

Recently there has been a number of programs on TV on robots and artificial intelligence, which have been quite fascinating to watch. Especially as they have shown how real and advanced robotics are already, not to mention how intricately they are woven into our society currently.


Now when many of us think of a robot, we quickly think of the movie robots that have been our understanding historically. These are cyborgs like the terminator, Number 5 from Short Circuit and part of the cast of Robocop. Some of these require artificial intelligence in order to work, regardless of them being fantasy. The thing is that artificial intelligence and something called machine learning is very much here already.


Machine learning is everywhere..

In fact a lot of machine learning algorithms have been here a while and you probably use them almost every day of your life. Social media apps for example utilise algorithms in order to bring specific information to you as individual. Search engines like Google utilise these algorithms in order to find exactly what you’re looking for online. Don’t forget your smart phone either, many have voice recognition assistants like Siri on the iPhones. It doesn’t stop there though, even our entertainment is learning what we want too, Netflix does this too. We now have clever cars that can drive themselves too, a technology that is being developed at speed by many manufacturers. They are even building trucks that can drive themselves too. The point is that we are surrounded by this technology, which is learning our needs and giving us what we want or in some circumstances trying to sell us what we may not.

Robots and the paranormal..

Now by this point, you’re probably wondering where the heck I might be going with all this robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning stuff. Well, here’s the interesting thought I had recently; could a robot that has artificial intelligence experience something Paranormal similar to one of us whilst at a location that is supposed to be haunted?

Firstly, the initial response to this would be an overwhelming ‘no’ and ‘of course not’ after all how could a machine have a Paranormal experience. After all a paranormal experience is only something that a conscious being such as one of us may have and even some of us have failed to have over the years. Fundamentally we take the assumption that a machine couldn’t share the complex nature that we associate with the experiences we have as humans, but this is generally based on the concept of us being conscious and that we feel these experiences. However if we break it down it’s really all about data and information comprehension in my opinion. After all humans collect data on their environment from their senses and then utilise their knowledge, memory, experiences, etc in order to comprehend their environment and then when something Paranormal occurs individually understand it.

Data again..

Now what is really important here, possibly something I feel will really help us truly understand psi and indeed most paranormal activity, is that we really need to start gathering more data. The data itself is something that we really need as elements like machine learning could use that in order to help gain an understanding of psi. Big data is essential to gaining an understanding of psi and for any system to utilise machine learning to comprehend the Paranormal it will require an abundance of data. This wouldn’t simply be data related to the paranormal, but from all aspects of life too.

Part of the reason that I would really like to see the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in Paranormal investigation and psi research; is that a machine could be designed to work in certain ways that will help us understand the required building blocks that may deliver Paranormal experience. We could even simulate telepathic interaction by means of feeding these machines pieces of information via wireless technology.

Robot paranormal investigators..

When it comes to physically investigating a haunted location using this kind of technology we could see some really interesting developments. One approach could be to use drones with artificial intelligence that when they detect anomalies in the environment would follow that information in order to gather more data. We could utilise the work that has been done around swarm robotics to use many systems as one in order to gather lots of data at the same time and see what they may learn from that experience. Perhaps we could place a robot in a haunted location and then allow it to learn gradually to see if there is a potential point when such a system acquires knowledge enough to speculate the Paranormal.


The potential that using artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics could bring to psi research and the paranormal could be fantastic. However it does all rely on accessing that favourite element of mine; a world of data. That data will be the foundations to the understanding of that which we all seek.

So, if you’re looking to make advancements to the field perhaps it may be worth looking into robotics and artificial intelligence too, as these could truly assist in the advancements of gathering data. They may also help us to understand many philosophical concepts of psi and could even contribute to the comprehension of consciousness too.

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The Audio Visual Paranormal Paradox

The Audio Visual Paranormal Paradox

A Little Observation

For many years now much of the Paranormal field seems to have been focused on what we can see and hear. Well they do say seeing is believing I guess, but should believe what we see? After all our eyes can deceive us and often they do.

However whilst investigating over the years I soon discovered a bit of a paradox regarding what has become fashionably known as ‘evidence’ amongst us ghost hunters! This paradox presents itself in much of this ‘evidence’ these days especially with its review through social media.

The problem that I have observed is that audio and visual information such as photo’s, videos and EVP’s are very subjective and no matter how good they appear to be initially, there always appear to be counter arguments that discounts the validity of such ‘evidence’. I have personally witnessed this myself with what could be called a class A crystal clear EVP recording that I captured at the Explosions Museum in Gosport. The EVP was captured on a camcorder as one of my team filmed us in a group walking around the Admin Block. The EVP itself is available on my YouTube Channel to listen to if you wish, but the point here is that what was said was out of context to what was being discussed by the group and there was equally no reaction by the group to what was said. This generates the belief that this EVP was not audibly heard by the group at the time, but the camcorder still managed to record it. When presented to the rest of the team not present at the time it was recorded, it received its first stint of being questioned and many an explanation were presented which were all good. Once the EVP was made public this course of disbelief and additional explanations followed. The point here being that the EVP for the group present was very interesting and they could easily state according to their own experience that it wasn’t them, but for those that were not present the explanation was to avoid association with the Paranormal and place it with the group present. For example, we had a few suggest that one of us may have said it, but simply forgotten. It was this and many a discussion that I have had with investigators regarding audio visual ‘evidence’ that actually lead me to come to a probable understanding that what we see as ‘evidence’ may not be in reality. Which is a really odd thing to understand.

You see as a community, from our conversations on social media, to the TV shows we all watch from time to time, we have always seen audio visual information as ‘evidence’. Like many, when I first started overnight investigations I approached it from two angles really; 1) debunk what I could with logical real world explanations, and 2) capture evidence of the Paranormal in the form of pictures, video and EVP’s. That was ten plus years ago that I started doing that and from what I can see for many that hasn’t changed much today. Just to be clear I don’t think we should stop this approach in its entirety, but I am more of the thinking that perhaps audio visual information isn’t really ‘evidence’ and should be treated as anomalous information that helps us to direct our investigations. Perhaps from that we can find the evidence we are looking for.

Thus no matter how clear your EVP or how amazing that video of an apparition is or the picture of a spirit on the stairs, they will always be received with questions and often they will not be accepted, hence a paradox.

What is Evidence?

Due to this strange situation I found myself looking into what evidence is exactly. This told me that evidence is a body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid. Its establishing information like audio visuals as fact which I think is difficult. The reason its so hard to establish them as fact is down to trust and belief, plus control. Often in the Paranormal field we can be very dubious of the ‘evidence’ presented by others in the field. This isn’t a bad thing really as its a little like our version of peer review. The problem is that many review the presented ‘evidence’ and then provide comments which are neither constructive or supported in fact. I think its really good that we can comment and discuss various phenomena, but everyone’s opinion and ideas are really valid.

I often from time to time comment on various Paranormal statements on social media and have equally been lucky to have some quite interesting discussions. This kind of social media engagement is like the coffee house discussions of old, but they will never replace the excellent interaction of face to face discussions, which is why the popularity of the Paranormal conventions lately is so important.

However I digress!!

So, if we are not to accept photo’s, audio and video as evidence of the Paranormal, then what is? Firstly, if these are captured in controlled conditions, it can be shown that they haven’t been altered easily and they are cross referenced by other angles and technology; then perhaps they become more valid. Fundamentally if we can eradicate the possibility of fraud then we can potentially present them as actual evidence, but equally if they are questionable then they could potentially be seen as poor evidence. Back to our paradox.

The true evidence in my opinion will be found in the data. The problem is that the data involved will be significantly large and captured over a long period of time. In fact that information which makes up this data isn’t something we need to start from scratch as there is already an amazing amount already out there, which just needs to be reviewed and understood as a part of the bigger picture.

Data is massively important and here’s why. I often like to mention black holes at this point, as I think they are an excellent example of proof through data in order to support the existence of an anomaly. Now I’m no astrophysicist, if that’s even the right title, but I believe rather than just claiming there was a weird anomaly out in space, clever scientist types gathered lots of data to prove their theory. Revealing not just that black holes exist, but their possible mechanics too.

Understanding the mechanics is where pictures, audio and video let’s the side down, it can potentially show that something may exist, but why or how it exists isn’t explained. That is the important thing to remember. Rather than trying to capture phenomena, let’s try and understand it, figure out why it occurs and potentially explain its source.

What to do next?

So now we all understand this paradox, let’s try and collate information that can help us all better comprehend the field better. Please don’t stop gathering pictures, video and audio pieces as they all feed into the abundance of information on the subject which is as important as the cross correspondence, the Scole experiment, the Philip Experiment and the Enfield Poltergeist. In order to understand the whole thing we need to take on board all possibilities, theories and potential beliefs around the matter.

Some of my greatest paranormal discussions have been with Mediums trying to understand how they ‘see’ spirit and the answer isn’t always the same. In fact in my opinion its often a visualisation that comes from feeling, that feeling is the receipt of information, which their mind then interprets using their own beliefs, knowledge and memory. However what I have always found fascinating in many mediums is that comprehension that they know they are right in what they say, sometimes even when the person they communicating to doesn’t understand the information they are being give. Information that sometimes becomes understood at a later date.

How mediums work and the very concept of psi within this whole system of the Paranormal makes me believe that our minds play a large part in the phenomena we investigate. The question is how can our minds obtain this information or even project it into our very environments? Understanding that potentially this psi ability is far more natural than supernatural is equally interesting and also for me begins to open even more questions; like how did we miss this?

Sometimes when presented with information like this I often place the pursuit of ghosts and spirits on back burner and believe the understanding of the extent of our own minds could be far more interesting. Russell Targ called it the Limitless Mind, and wrote a book about it. Dean Radin called the Entangled Minds; and he wrote a book about it too. Both are respected scientists with a wealth of knowledge in psi, so perhaps our minds hold the evidence to that which we really seek.

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SPR Study Day 74 – Psi in Nature : ESP and PK in the Realm of Biology

SPR Study Day 74 – Psi in Nature : ESP and PK in the Realm of Biology

A Trip to the Society for Psychical Research

It’s not often that I have the chance to head into London for the Society of Psychical Research (SPR) Study Days, but this was one that I really didn’t want to miss. Especially given that there were some excellent people speaking and that it was this very area that helped me to stop and re-think my own perception of the paranormal at one time. You see it was whilts scanning through YouTube a few years back, that I stumbled upon a TED Talk by Rupert Sheldrake in which he discussed telepathy and the large amount of evidence that supports its existence. What I found particularly facinating about this talk was that it was information delivered by a biologist that had seen similarities in the natural world. It was that talk that inspired me to read up on his theory of Morphic Fields and look into the ‘Sense of Being Starred At’. These helped me to see many similarities in the field I am usually associated with which involves the investigation of ghosts and spirits. Perhaps our very perception of ghosts and spirits were actually telepathic interactions of some kind.

This all haunted me (pardon the pun) and actually had me re-read Myers work on the survival of personality. Then inspired the creation of my own theory of telepathic interaction with ideograms whilst on holiday in Turkey, a copy of which is available in the SPR library or on my website.

One of the other speakers at the Study Day was Cal Cooper, who I have also had a few brief conversations with regarding the paranormal and some of his work has also fascinated me too. So, I knew it would be a great opportunity to meet him face to face, rather than behind the social media curtain.

Even though this was the first time I had managed to attend an SPR Study Day, the first thing that struck me was the new SPR premises in Vernon Mews. I know I never had a chance to visit the old premises, but discussions with other SPR members certainly highlighted how much more space the new place has in comparison. This was evident by the excellent lecture room on the ground floor and the library on the top floor. All in all a fantastic space that is great for lectures, but also an amazing place to immerse yourself and work on research.

Charmaine Sonnex – Effects of Healing on Animals, Plants & Cells

The first lecture of the day was by Dr. Charmaine Sonnex, who told us about a meta-analysis she had worked on regarding the healing of animals, plants and cells. A meta-analysis is a method for statistically combining the results of studies that are included in a systematic review, in order to conclude the overall effects of an intervention. In this case the intervention being healing at a distance, if I understood correctly that is!

What I found particularly interesting about the lecture was that in each case there did seem to be some indication that this healing at a distance was having an effect on the animals, plants and cells. Although this wasn’t particularly unknown to me as my more spiritual friends have been telling me this for years and I had certainly read some anecdotal reports to confirm their beliefs. As many that know me know what I am like though, without a more scientific balance to the subject the jury from my point of view would have always remained out. However Charmaine certainly helped to balance that understanding during her lecture placing a much better understanding on the subject.

There were some interesting points that she made though during this presentation too. The first being that in some cases, I think regarding the mice used for some of the experiments. I believe the experimenters or perhaps healers looked in on the control mice and this concern for their wellbeing was enough to improve their health too. Obviously from a scientific view point this may be seen as contaminating the control subjects (again I’m no expert), but it also highlights to me something fundamental. Something which Charmaine also eluded to I believe. Although the method of healing was important, the intent to heal or concern for wellbeing can equally give the desired results. Thus the process in which we go about the healing simply needs to be believed by those taking part as correct, as long as their intent is real then the desired results maybe maintained. For me, that makes the whole scenario less spiritual or religious and more about what our minds are capable of! Perhaps we could even think someone better? Saying that though, the spiritual or religious approach does bind the intent with a process or ritual, which in turn brings the belief that it will be successful.

Thank you Charmaine for a wonderfully thought provoking lecture that ties into some of my own personal research, giving it the more of a science balance.

John Poynton – Assumptions of Zoologists

Next up to talk was the SPR President Prof. John C. Poynton, who knows a little bit about biology himself. What I found interesting about what John Poynton had to say was that it was contrasting in relation to why we were there I guess. John raised some very excellent points regarding how zoologists may look at the natural world defining it by the very physical signs that they measure. Taking this viewpoint alone as those measurable physical signs are enough to help us understand the natural world. This approach of course doesn’t particularly leave room for a concept like Psi in the framework.

Of course this very view point is something that has been something that has caused a flashpoint of discussion. The arguments for an involvement of Psi constantly countered by arguments against.

However John did mention two key areas of the natural world that could certainly present good cases for the apparent presence of Psi in nature; 1) the flocking of birds, and 2) tracking over long distances. The flocking of birds has always been a fascinating part of nature, how can birds like Swallows in large flocks change direction and maintain their formation without crashing into each other at high speeds. There certainly doesn’t appear to be audible or visual cues helping the formation. The aspect of tracking is something we have all encountered somewhere along the lines. Whether its the stories of domestic pets travelling long distances across country to be with their family, or homing pigeons finding their way home, these aspects seem to suggest some kind of supernormal ability. Perhaps Psi related.

Rupert Sheldrake – The Sense of Direction

As I previously mentioned Rupert Sheldrake was one of those people in the Paranormal that I kind of stumbled upon. Often this kind of discovery can be more then just informative, it can be inspiring too.

Sheldrakes talk on the sense of direction presented some excellent points that suggest the apparent existence of psi within nature.

The first was back to the cases that surround animal migration. It is fascinating how these many animals manage to navigate the planet to arrive at locations that are familiar to them. The very concept to us could be alien, as most of us rely heavily on sat nav etc. What is more significant is how some return to the same location even when they start from unfamiliar ground or are young and have never been before.

This migration occurs in various types of animals too, not just birds.

Sheldrake then went on to mention homing pigeons, the extensive research with them and the arguments they have sparked too. After all how the pigeons always manage to get home is still a relative mystery, even though everything from their smell to the sun has been suggested and tested.

In fact the interesting research that Sheldrake performed was involving the moving of their actual home. This was to test if the location itself was important or the home that was familiar and often containing family members was the pull.

Turns out that in Sheldrakes original tests the pigeons found their home in its new location, but were not so keen on going inside. Well would you if you arrived home to find your house re-located to another street?

This same experiment was expanded somewhat later in Sheldrakes life when he used ships at sea too. That way the pigeons home could be moved great distances, but still the pigeons would find it and come home.

Sheldrake suggested I believe that these animals may be using some kind of field in order to navigate the planet.

Personally I believe it’s possible that both people and places can have a specific pull to them allowing others to gravitate towards them. Perhaps this is something similar with animals having it hardwired into their DNA for example allowing them to return to breeding grounds which have successfully sustained their species in the past. That could in a way fit with what Darwin tells us about evolution, although I’m no expert in biology .

Lunch and the SPR Library

As many took their break for lunch at the local pub I presume, I decided to spend mine in good company. So, I headed to the top floor of the SPR building and sat in the library for an hour or so, lost in its books and journals.

The SPR library is kind of the picture of the library I want to build myself, if I could of course. So, the one at the SPR will be a wonderful substitute.

After a little while I got talking to the librarian who was very helpful and reminded me of the additional manuscripts and works held at Cambridge University too. Another place I must visit soon.

The library is a fantastic place to study and work, and I really look forward to visiting it again soon.

Rupert Sheldrake – Animal Premonition

After lunch Sheldrake took the floor again this time to discuss premonition in relation to animals. A subject which sounds pretty crazy until you put some context around it.

This section was kicked off by discussing how the behaviour observed for groups of animals could potentially be significant in warning of upcoming natural disasters. Disasters like earthquakes for example.

Once again more explanations have been placed on this like; perhaps animals sense the seismic activity before we do, maybe it’s coincidence and many more. Suffice to say how animals know this is unknown, but they do and it’s beneficial to their survival, so back to Darwin right ?

It would seem that this activity isn’t restricted to natural disasters either as Sheldrake stated cases from World War II too. In these dogs alerted their owners to incoming V2 rockets before they hit.

The modern application of all this are dogs that are used to alert their owners to the possibility they may soon have a seizure. That’s a real world application of something possibly related to Psi, which for me as a researcher and epileptic, but I don’t have seizures, is fantastic.

Sheldrake ended this particular section on a more funny note. This was in the form of how cats know that their owners are going to take them to the vets. It’s apparent to many Cat owners that as soon as the intention from the owner is there in place, the Cat disappears and can not be found! Sheldrake even looked into this to the point where he rang the vets to understand if many Cat owners cancelled appointments. Which they confirmed to the point where some had even stopped appointments for cats as they kept cancelling.

Cal Cooper – Animal Psi

Cal Cooper delivered an excellent overview of animal Psi and plenty of probable examples to boot. Cal’s presentation was packed full of references which I hope I managed to make notes of as I listened.

I was particularly happy to hear him start with the story of Gef the Mongoose too, Gef has been quite prominent recently hasn’t he.

A lot of the lecture discussed various stories and examples of probable animal psi that had been found on Fate Magazine, which were interesting.

However Cal did also mention the work of D. Scott Rogo too; from ‘ESP and your Pet’ and throughout the lecture. Someone I will need to look up and read more on. The Rhine’s even got a mention too.

Of course once again there was a little humour amongst the cases too; whether it was a homing cow or Paul the Psychic Octopus, although I’m not sure they were supposed to be funny. Sometimes life just is a little funny.

Still plenty of references as ever from Cooper, which I will have to look into at some point. Once again there seems to be plenty of available information out there which supports the understanding that there is a possible presence of Psi in animals.

Rupert Sheldrake – Telepathic Animals

Sheldrake’s last lecture of the day was to focus more on telepathic animals and some just seem to know stuff they surely couldn’t do. This began with the information that Rupert had gathered on domesticated animals such as Cats and Dogs. This was also something I had read about previously and found interesting, especially as whilst growing up I am sure I had witnessed this myself with our pets too.

Sheldrake presented some data to support this and told of how he created an experiment to test the fact too. This was based on monitoring the behaviour of dogs at home prior to their owners coming home. It would seem that once the owner had the intention in place to return home, then the dogs behaviour would then change in relation. Sheldrake tested this by sending the owners home at times which were not associated with a schedule and even the owners didn’t know until the last minute.

Sure enough these experiments provided some interesting results, which certainly suggest a likelihood of a telepathic link between dog and owner.

In fact Sheldrake looked into this in such detail that he even ensured that this behaviour change wasn’t related to the dog picking up its owners scent by checking the distance blood hounds could work at, which is roughly a half mile. In Sheldrake’s research this wasn’t the case as many owners worked well over this distance away from their home.

Sheldrake concluded this lecture by introducing us to a rather wonderful African Grey Parrot, which was extremely close to its owner. What was fascinating about this particular parrot wasn’t just its rather extensive vocabulary, but its ability to speak the thoughts of its owner. Surely an amazing example of telepathic interaction that was bolstered by the bonds between a pet and its owner. In fact Sheldrake tested the parrots ability by placing the owner upstairs in separate room out of sight of the parrot, then showed the owner several pictures which were linked to words the parrot knew. Astonishingly the parrot would get many right or similar.

One other thing that was apparent was the strong loving bond that the owner and parrot had, something which was equally apparent in some of the cases with dogs. Personally I think Psi is present in all of nature in varying forms and for different reasons. However that singular connection is more apparent in those with very dominant emotional ties, whether it is one human to another, animal to animal or animal to human.

Heading Home with Thoughts of Animal Psi

Whilst heading home on the train I had plenty to think about and realised that days like the one I had at the SPR were fantastic for arousing the creative thinking. Although animal psi was something that I have thought about in the past and has certainly helped me to realise a great many things regarding the Paranormal, the SPR Study Day pretty much pushed the boundaries on that in one day. What I have written about in this blog post has literally only scratched the surface of what was discussed throughout the day. Which is why I urge anyone that may find this aspect interesting to join the SPR in order to benefit from the wealth of information available.

The concept of Psi in nature is in my opinion something that is vastly obvious, and we should take time to observe in order to learn more about it too. It is most certainly an area that requires greater research, its certainly not all about the afterlife, survival, ghosts and spirits.

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We Are All Looking For Something..

We Are All Looking For Something..


Why do we search for ghosts after all?

For me the search for ghosts probably began when I was around the age of eleven, but that remained an interest that was mostly research for many years. I only really started heading out to possible haunted locations to investigate just over ten years ago.

Granted I had my head firmly in books, TV shows, various research and I most certainly was talking to various people about the paranormal. The subject fascinated me and anything related always seemed to catch my attention, so it would have been rude not to follow it up.

The reason I search for ghosts has always been something that I find difficult to answer. I guess I have always had an interest in science and perhaps a little in spirituality too. Certainly over the years psychology has crept in there too. One thing I do know is that it often boils down to one question; ‘does human consciousness survive bodily death?’

However, this question has often taken on many forms for others in my opinion. It presents itself as an individuals desire to comprehend if their loved ones are still with us to the concept of a physical location having attached entities, which equally may or may not be related to its history.

Regardless of how we look at it, there’s always a pronounced ‘paranormal cocktail’ of understanding that brings us to looking into the subject further.

Understanding what we don’t understand!

What I often have found remarkably interesting is the concept of understanding, one persons belief have equally become basis for fact in their mind. Something which I often find both interesting and at times highly annoying.

You see I know what I have discovered through research, experimentation, talking, investigation and more over the years; but I equally understand that I simply don’t know as yet and really don’t have all the answers. Those that know me and have read my blogs, know I have theory after theory, but they are simply theory. Hopefully one day one such theory will become proven.

A great couple of examples for the point I am trying to make here are as follows:-

The Stone Tape Theory

The Stone Tape Theory is one of those excellent paranormal theories, which has been around a lot longer than most in the field. However, the problem is that many seem to accept the theory as fact now. They will quote the theory in relation to a probable residual haunting as a means to prove this to be true.

For example, they will state that the encountered ghost isn’t intelligent as it doesn’t respond, but continues to follow the same path perhaps over and over again. The Stone Tape Theory is often thrown in for good measure to create a relationship between a probable event and thus also defining the ghost wandering the path as an individual.

The problem is that this is quite a lot built on assumption and theory. Don’t get me wrong its great and its a path worth investigating and researching, but lets not pin all our hopes on just these.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are undoubtably a fascinating element of the paranormal and widely used to show the probable existence of activity and communication.


The problem I have is that we just don’t have enough information to support their source. Often these are recorded with the investigating team in the room or near by, which in itself creates some interesting perceptions of recordings. I have on numerous occasions observed a group as they have conducted an EVP session, thought they had captured something paranormal, but it was actually something as simple as a jacket or distant sound.

There is also another interesting factor to EVP’s, which I was lucky enough to witness as a success on one occasion. This was the Psychic Projection Experiment where an EVP was recorded in direct relation to a word that a group was trying to psychically project onto a digital voice recorder. This in my mind presented an interesting position; if we can psychically project a word onto a digital recorder consciously, then perhaps we could equally do it unconsciously when conducting the standard EVP sessions. The point being that maybe the voices we hear on EVP recordings are our own and not that of spirits at all.

The psychic projection experiment presents greater problems with that which we call ‘evidence’ too though. If we can project an audio recording onto a digital device, then perhaps our video and photographic ‘evidence’ is equally in jeopardy in the same way.

Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) is an interesting theory too, which thanks to many and TV could almost be seen as fact. Actually I have spoken to many in the field that believe (and the key word there is believe) that EMF is directly related to the presence of a ghost or spirit.

Interestingly there is equally the understanding that increased or high levels of EMF may cause paranoia or even hallucinations.

These could be considered almost opposite concepts when you think about, one neutralising the other perhaps. However again these are theory.

Its certainly not proven fact that the manifestation of ghosts and spirits are directly related to increased levels of EMF. There has been anecdotal evidence to support that during an experience, which may have been related to manifestation and EMF may have fluctuated, but we really require further data on the matter.

However there has been much research conducted in regards to the effects of EMF Radiation on the human body. So, its probable to understand that such effects from a heavy output of EMF could cause us ill health, which could equally result in us believing we were experiencing something paranormal.

There has also been some research conducted where EMF was focussed on the mind in order to better understand its effect or if it presented paranormal results, but the results were not conclusive.

Naming Spirits

I have often found that research can equally be a thing that seems to hinder some investigations too though. The research often covers the location history, names related with the location, paranormal activity too. As soon as certain paranormal experiences are obtained and namely spirit communication, many jump to applying the name from the research to the probable spirit they have been communicating with.

Now don’t get me wrong I have probably made this very mistake myself in the past too. Many of us have. During an EVP session or perhaps using a device that gives us immediate feedback like a KII, we make the jump to understand the name of whom we are talking to. If the research has been conducted then that can mean trying the name we have learnt.

The problem with this is that the slightest response can often lead us to believe we have the right name and then link it with the spirit. Then if we inform others that we may have communicated with the spirit of X, then the next group to investigate may see that and try that name straight away. All of a sudden the spirit haunting the location is named, even though our ‘evidence’ is circumstantial.

Thinking out of the box!

At this point you maybe wondering where I am going with this and if I am just having a general moan about the paranormal perhaps?

The truth of the matter is that in actual fact I’m not, all of the above helps us gather information on location based hauntings and more. However we do need to reach beyond accepting some of these as fact and start remembering that they are still theory. Granted the research is building, but we need to push farther than those that have come before us.

We need to think outside of the box, in fact we need to leave the box so far behind its out of sight.

Let’s suggest more than a ghost or spiritual theory to explain paranormal activity. Perhaps the reason is based on our own ability to interact telepathically with others or even the location itself. We may be obtaining the information from the minds of others locally and possibly at a distant too. Take time and space out of the equation!

We should also do the ‘leg work’ as my parents called it, thats proper research to you and me. Find the ‘alpha case’ as Greg Lawson calls it, I like that approach. Researching the history and most definitely the paranormal activity may present more interesting facts than you may have realised. Cross reference accounts from different groups to find similarities and oddities too.

Try something different!

Experiment in ways to counter what you believe and how you’ve already approached the investigation. Write down those odd questions to share with us all too!

Observe the location, your team, everything! Then see what happens when things are not observed! Okay that last one is a tough one to do lol!

At the end of the day, question everything and gather loads of data where you can. Even if you don’t like it or you feel it meaningless, there maybe someone like me that likes the data.

After all not everything in science can be seen with the naked eye, but we know its there and how it behaves because we spent the time to gather data on it and understand it through that data. We now need to start doing the same for the paranormal field, which is actually more simpler that you think! Especially with the internet so easily accessible from almost everywhere.

So, on your next investigation try something a little different and tell me how you get on?

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Would You Investigate a Talking Mongoose?

Would You Investigate a Talking Mongoose?

A Talking Mongoose? Seriously?

Before getting into exactly where I am coming from on this post, let me just drop a little chunk of background in here.

For many in the paranormal field the fact that I have mentioned a talking mongoose will affiliate this post with the very famous paranormal investigator Harry Price.


Harry writes about the case in ‘The Haunting of Cashen’s Gap: a Modern Miracle Investigated’ and its later documented in Price’s book ‘Confessions of a Ghost Hunter’. During these accounts he openly presents the oddity of the case, drawing comparison to the other strange cases he had investigated. However this particular request from a lady from the Isle of Man in 1932, was indeed strange even by the standards Harry was used to.

The communication that Harry received described the weird discovery of a creature by the lady’s farmer friend Mr. Irving, that with some coaxing had developed the power of speech.

The fanciful nature of this case is often seen as quite beyond belief with Gef the Mongoose having various conversations about town whilst riding around on the bus. It’s quite easy to see why such a case makes some wonder why Harry would even bother with something that sounded unbelievably fictitious.

However this case itself has managed to raise some very interesting points today I think.

The Mongoose Question Bet

During the Paraforce UK 2017 weekend I was lucky to attend with Kerry Greenaway from Parasearch Radio. As we approached the convention on the Sunday a conversation developed in the car between us around something to do investigation case validation. I believe I may have utilised the Talking Mongoose case as an example to back my own argument, which fundamentally was based on the fact that you can’t simply discount a case just because it sounds beyond belief or highly unlikely. After all as paranormal investigators we are in the business of beyond belief and highly unlikely.

I believe Kerry may have disagreed with this point, which in reflection makes perfect sense as there appears to be no logic in accepting that there is a possible talking mongoose at large.

So, more importantly how do two paranormal investigators that have reached an impasse on a particular point rectify the issue. Well, we could have commented on each others social media negatively, sorry couldn’t resist! We could have gone with not talking the rest of the day, was that even an option, damn it!! No, we decided to create a theory and test it. Otherwise known as a good old-fashioned bet!

You see I made the bold statement that if you asked many of the people at Paraforce if they would investigate a talking mongoose, I believed the majority would. I also added to that it was my assumption that both Joe Chin and Barry Fitzgerald from Ghost Hunters International would investigate a talking mongoose.

Kerry accepted the challenge gracefully and I looked forward to my free coffee.

Literally everyone Kerry asked said they would investigate the talking mongoose, and yes both Joe and Barry said they would too. In fact Joe was one of the first and answered with great excitement. Barry said he would, but referred to the Isle of Man, presenting the fact that he was very aware of the Price case. I think it was also around the time that Kerry asked Barry that she realised I may have made my point that day.

Thank you Kerry for being a great sport and accepting the challenge by the way.

A Talking Mongoose and Social Media

Of course there is more to the talking mongoose than the case Harry had investigated, the challenge I set Kerry and more.

You see I find some great smilies in the concept of the talking mongoose and the paranormal field’s social media activity.

I often watch the various posts, which pop up from time to time on social media within the paranormal field and some of the comments do sadden me regularly. During this time where we seem to hold a fascination in paranormal pictures, videos and audio; we are very quick to conclude the authenticity of someones ‘evidence’. I’m not saying every piece of media placed on social networks for the world to see is evidence of the paranormal, but equally I’m not condemning it as fake either!

Many draw assumptions, without looking into the stories themselves very much these days. Jumping to conclusions or not looking at all the available information leads to nothing, but assumption and unsubstantiated information.

We have all seen this before, someone will post a picture of something paranormal and various comments will follow. Often some of these comments may take the form of more negativity towards the individual or simply categorically stating that said picture is ‘obviously a fake’!

What I find slightly ironic (just a little bit) about all this is that often the very individuals that slate the proposed evidence of others, present similar evidence themselves. This is our fundamental flaw in the use of Social Media to assist us with our investigation of the paranormal. We should be using this medium to support and constructively remark on said posted ‘evidence’.

These pictures, videos and audio snippets are very similar to Harry;s talking mongoose case. You see, just like Kerry’s assumption of the talking mongoose case, many don’t take the time to assess what they see. Rather than simply claiming something to be fake or rubbish, suggest possibilities or ask questions.

Don’t get me wrong though, there are many out there that are positive and do ask questions, it’s not all bad. Just like the challenge I set Kerry, investigators of the paranormal would take up the case of a talking mongoose.

What’s truly interesting about this is; if I posted a video of a talking mongoose on social media, how many would believe it, how many would call it fake, but how many would ask questions about the video in order to understand more?

Yet so many said they would investigate a talking mongoose, when asked face to face! That tells a story in itself for me.

The Mongoose is Still Talking

We may not be investigating fanciful cases such as talking mongoose on the isle of man, but lets not discount anything without supporting our assumptions good facts.

I’ve heard some odd things communicated by mediums during many of my own investigations, but I don’t discount them simply because they sound ridiculous. In fact, often those weird and wonderful tidbits can later gain greater understanding when you look at the bigger picture.

We are dealing with an amazing field that encompasses a great deal of diverse approaches and information. Investigation of the paranormal has had me research location history in local archives, gather huge amounts of data from online sources, log data in search of patterns, learn aspects of physics and quantum physics (the basics, I am no expert lol), look at forensics, investigation techniques, and so much more.

Perception is often the one thing in every case which presents us with a different experience, especially when it comes to the paranormal. Take the Ouija Board for example; I have one in my home, used one on many occasions, know the history and have no fear of them. However talk to someone else in the paranormal and they will present a different story; they won’t have one in their home, they will never use one, believe they are dangerous. These are like polar opposites for something that has little or no evidence to support them as being evil! We have many, many more examples of these kind of things in the paranormal field too, including various perceptions of haunting.

Our perception is based on our belief and knowledge of those aspects. Which means in order to properly assess something we need to gather the data, seek the information, gain an understanding and find the alpha case (thank you Greg Lawson). We need to investigate and do the leg work.

This is why, when someone asks you if you would investigate a talking mongoose, you smile and then start to gather the data. The truth is in the leg work, its in the data and the information.

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Paraforce UK 2017 – Day Two

Paraforce UK 2017 – Day Two

Return to Cressing Temple Barns

Well after what seemed like a particularly short nights sleep, we all returned to Cressing Temple Barns for the final day of Parafource UK 2017. Day 1 had been brilliant fun and I was curious to see what Day 2 had to offer.


As ever I wondered in bleary eyed and headed for coffee on autopilot. Once I had acquired some caffeine I decided to talk to a few people that had also arrived. It wasn’t long though before I headed off to my talk of the day and what a beginning it would be.

However this morning had already began with a small disagreement between Kerry Greenaway and myself, a disagreement based on the classic Harry Price case regarding a talking Mongoose. As Kerry couldn’t understand why I would even entertain investigating such a case, I set her a simple challenge to ask as many paranormal types at  Paraforce UK as possible to see if they would too.

Oddly the first person that fell victim to this challenge was Joe Chin, who actually agreed with me stating that he too would investigate the case of a talking mongoose.

Barry Fitzgerald and the Influence

Barry began his talk explaining a little about where this idea had come from and then with the assistance of his powerpoint presentation, dropped some pretty hard hitting points on us. Making us aware of a few cases that he had reviewed where individuals had done themselves or others considerable harm, Barry simply asked why?


The answer was quite straight forward in that each of these people had committed their atrocities because they had heard voices telling them to do so.

Fundamentally the concept that was being suggested here was that where we might think some thoughts are our own, it could be that those thoughts were being influenced by another source.

Barry went on to explain how certain biological aspects can actually be our very filter to for understanding these influences better, but in our modern fast paced lifestyle we may be masking these simple things. One of them being the very skin that houses what is us. However we often hinder the skins ability by consuming too much junk, too much refined sugar.

The lecture was quite fascinating and I really wish I had taken more notes, but it was one of those that I was so engrossed in that I actually forgot.

Before we left, Kerry decided to pin Barry down for a future ParaSearch interview on her radio show. Also, as a part of her on going challenge she asked him about the talking mongoose investigation. He of course recognised the famous Harry Price case and agreed that he to would investigate it. I think Kerry was beginning to realise that I had made my point and the next coffee was on her.

Tomo Warrington’s Room 666 with Jason Day

When Kerry and I returned to the Granary Room, Too Warrington had already began to talk with Jason Day. As we sat down they began what Tomo calls Room 666, which is his variation on the classic Room 101.

Oddly this was a great little idea as it quickly sparked some great paranormal debate.

Jason was keen to place reality ghost hunt TV shows into Room 666. This seemed to split the audience a little too, but perhaps for good reason. Personally I had to disagree on this one as although the TV shows aren’t always fantastically loaded with good science or investigation, they have their place. It’s these shows that for many have sparked an interest and have brought individuals to the field. Regardless of their inappropriate screaming sessions the TV shows have their place and did not make it to Room 666.

Next up from Jason was the misinformation around paranormal gadgets. Obviously adding the gadgets themselves was a no, but the misinformation itself I totally agree with  to be fair. The most annoying for me begin; ‘hey look I have a KII it detects ghost’! Seriously really!! I think a little education around paranormal gadgets is needed and perhaps its something I could add to my website?

Next up Too wanted to make some suggestions from he’s apparently ‘very long list’; he kicked things off with ghost hunt false advertising. For example, ghost hunting companies claiming their location to be the UK’s most haunted. I had to side with Tomo on this to be fair as its a slight pain, if you looked across the internet and social media, you may find tens of UK’s Most Haunted location or scariest experience. Although let’s be honest here, stating your location to be reasonably active or often paranormal stuff occurs, really doesn’t sell tickets.

Tomo also threw location exclusivity into the mix for Room 666. Again I had to agree on this one too. I don’t believe that any one group should have exclusive rights to a location stopping others or perhaps restricting others from using it. In order to properly research and investigate locations purported to be haunted, we need to allow as many different teams as possible to investigate. This doesn’t have to be continuously, but allow others to try different approaches. Different techniques, ideas, approaches are need to gain more out of the field.

This lead on to a brief discussion which many in the room got involved in, which was very nice to be able to chat about the paranormal, but equally amongst a group of people that equally respected each others opinions.

We actually ran out of time on this one.

John Blackburn Working with David

Once we had grabbed some lunch we headed back to the Granary (albeit a little late) to join John Blackburn and the group as they attempted to work with the picture of David.

As we entered the closed darkened room, apologising as the group had already started we quickly joined the circle that had formed connected to the copper edges of the painting.


As he continued to work, John created a circle within a circle. Bearing in mind that John usually works in the dark, it was very difficult to build the energy up in this scenario where it was still very light.

After a while of trying this a few of the group did say that they thought the picture was slightly vibrating, which in itself is quite interesting.

The majority of the group left the Granary leaving a few of us behind for something a little different…

John, Gert, David and a Small Group

After the main group had left Gert decided that he wanted try some trance mediumship work with John and David.

During this session, Kerry and I decided to observe rather than take part.

Gert attempted to focus on the picture of David and channel his spirit through in order to hopefully pass some information across the John.

I found this quite a fascinating little session to be honest and it certainly seemed as if Gert walked away with an emotional experience from this.

What was also interesting is that both Kerry and I picked up on some things, which we later passed onto John and Maxine after everyone had left. John acknowledged this information too. Perhaps a little more on that in the future.

John Blackburn’s physical mediumship was one of the many things over the weekend that caught my eye and has now lead to a new line of enquiry for me. As John like me has an interest in the Scole Experiment then perhaps we may even work on something similar in the future.

Barry and Joe on the GHI Adventure

The last talk of the day was quite possibly one of the funniest talks of the weekend. To say these pair were a double act is really an understatement.


Barry and Joe shared some of their fantastic experiences from their journey around the world with Ghost Hunters International and some of the trouble they got themselves into behind the scenes.

Whether it was Joe’s use of a sharpie that could have caused an International incident, Joe’s choice of attire, some particularly pothole ridden roads, discovering a possible secret room and so much more; the pair delivered an enjoyable talk.

It was also really great to see the guys so relaxed with everyone walking about the location, popping into a few other talks and generally talking with everyone too.

The relatively informal nature of Paraforce UK that allowed the guest speakers to interact with all those in attendance really helped make this weekend in my opinion. And this is something that I love about conventions I’ve been to and it helps build bridges and create friendships.

Paraforce UK 2017 Awards

Now before we all headed off home at the end of the weekend the Paraforce UK Team had one last thing for us all to enjoy. This came in the form of the Paraforce UK 2017 Awards, a truly red carpet affair.

The majority of these awards were voted for by most of those in attendance and in all honesty most were simply a great bit of fun.

You might have to check out the Paraforce UK 2017 Facebook page for the details of the winners, which were announced in true red carpet event stating the nominees too.

It was good to see Joe Chin win male pin up I think, lol!

Paranormal research and investigation can be really serious, but we can still have fun with what we do and with others in the field. There’s nothing like chilling out, having fun and a bit of a laugh too. Not to mention the odd drink!

Thanks to Paraforce UK

I would like to end this write up with a massive thanks to the Paraforce UK Team for an excellent weekend. Thank you to Viv and Sean for working tirelessly through the year to organise the event, great job guys. Thank you to all the Guest Speakers for presenting some really interesting talks and a few surprises too.

Thank you to everyone I met and spoke to, its great to make new friends in the field and progress all our personal journeys within the paranormal.


These kind of events are helping to bring the community back together more, back to an older way of thinking, back to standing in front of someone and discussing the paranormal. It’s all too easy to sit behind a screen on social media, but face to face we can really move things forward. To all those that are trying to encourage more discussion face to face, keep doing it and thank you…

Check out Paraforce UK 2017 – Day 1 if you’ve missed it…

Check out my main post on Paraforce UK 2017

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Paraforce UK 2017 – Day One

Paraforce UK 2017 – Day One

Welcome to Cressing Temple Barns


Once I had doubled back and found the perfectly sign posted entrance to Cressing Temple Barns, much to the amusement of Parasearch Radio’s Kerry Greenaway, we parked up and headed in.

I had decided to give Kerry a lift to the convention because she was literally thirty minutes away and had never been to one before. Well I couldn’t have that, these paranormal conventions are essential events to help our community grow. Plus as Kerry gives a huge amount of her time to deliver many radio shows to the paranormal community each week, I figured it was an experience she shouldn’t miss and glad she didn’t. So, thank you Kerry for putting up with me all weekend. I should probably extend that thanks to Elizabeth Koert too, as she equally put up with me.

Right back to the convention!

Cressing Temple Barns is a fantastic location, not to mention beautiful. Cressing Temple is a place that is full of history, it was originally given to the Knights Templar back in the 1100’s. The site is home of three Grade I listed barns as well as a Tudor built walled garden.

The history of Cressing Temple and its Barns could easily fill a post all by itself and if you do wish to know more about the location please visit their website

As we walked into the entrance foyer we greeted by the lovely Sian who quickly located our weekend passes and welcomed us to Paraforce UK 2017.

Looking through the list of talks over the two days it was clear that Viv and Sean had certainly worked hard to fill both days as much as possible. We grabbed a coffee and then it wasn’t long before we bumped into John Blackburn and Maxine Briggs. After briefly speaking to them both I was offered an early viewing of John’s strange painting of ‘David’ which I couldn’t pass up. Pretty sure my curiosity is going to get me into trouble one day!

Maxine escorted me across to the Granary to see the painting, which on this first unveiling was different from what I had expected. However still fascinating and as the day would continue I would begin to find out a little more about David and John’s story.

Viv and Sean’s Variation of the Ganzfield Experiment

As I was already in the Granary it made perfect sense to remain there for my first talk of the day. By this time I had already lost Kerry, but I think I had found my old mate Gert Brouwer another Paraforce Guest Speaker.


After a brief intro from Sean and Viv they showed us some interesting footage of Sean using their variation on the Ganzfield Experiment. This particular approach utilises the use of white noise primarily, but also a couple of others too. In the example they presented a strobe light was used rather than a constant red light, with of course a half ping pong ball blindfold.

Their sensory altering setup was used to then place the individual in certain amount of deprivation to possibly allow them to gain access to similar information as mediums.

To give the audience a better idea of how this may work, the pair then asked for a volunteer to give it a go. In this case, if memory serves me well, Nige gave it a go and believed that he did see some kind of manifestation.

Next up Viv got John Blackburn to give it a try and as a medium John picked up considerably more, which was quite interesting.

This was certainly an interesting way to start a weekend of paranormal talks and I’m really glad that people are trying new things like this. Moving the field forward by trying new things is something we should all be looking at.

If you you would like to know more about the Ganzfield Experiment check out my outline in the Metetherial Encyclopaedia – The Ganzfeild Experiment.


Gert Brouwer’s Investigation Approach

Next up in the Granary was Gert Brouwer and as I was already there I decided to listen to my friend from the Netherlands.


Gert told us a little abut how he approaches paranormal investigation, which is something I always find very interesting. If I understood correctly Gert approaches his investigations in what he called ’rounds’, where as he goes through certain aspects of the investigation in order to ascertain what was occurring.

This of course involves looking at things from both a psychical and investigative approach. Gert explained that as he works a case, he often continuously debunks aspects to rule them out and then may even revisit them too. This includes doing the research to find the facts to back up the paranormal claims.

After many years of talking with Gert online and discussing the paranormal at length with him, it was excellent to hear him speak, not to mention meeting him face to face.


Lunch with Two Ladies

I grabbed lunch in the restaurant with two lovely ladies, Kerry and Elizabeth. Nothing like some bacon and brie whilst chatting about the paranormal.

In regards to lunch, I would just like to say a huge thank you to Elizabeth Koert, you know why !


Michael Dee and an Unexpected Discussion

Hands up, I didn’t know an awful lot about Michael Dee before attending his talk, but this is exactly part of what I love about these paranormal conventions. Granted I was aware of some of the youtube work he has done, such as Merrick Alora and Scariest Places. However I had only seen snippets here and there.


Michael (aka Michael David Roberts) began his talk by telling us all about his work and his latest production Morbid, photos of which were displayed in the background as he spoke.

The journey that Michael is currently travelling certainly seems to be an interesting one in all fairness as his passion for the work he has produced certainly was apparent as he spoke. Explaining how his chance meeting with Derrick Acorah to film a brief meeting with Merrick Alorah spring boarded the character and work. An event that has possibly lead to the Morbid production that he is currently working on.

However although Michael’s work is based around the paranormal, initially it was fictional. In order to do things from his own angle though he filmed as much of his stuff at actual haunted locations, which in time lead to some paranormal experiences of his own. Those experiences likely heightened his interest in the paranormal too.

What I really loved about this particular talk though was that Michael stood in front of us all and took the opportunity to ask some very interesting questions. Questions that may have answered some curiosities he may of had, but questions that sparked a little discussion. On this particular occasion I decided not to take part, but it was interesting to hear different members of the field present their ideas and beliefs.

All from a little question about the Stone Tape Theory which incidentally is a theory that often has me thinking – I mean, do buildings and places record the energy of events only to be played back like a video recording at a later date; or are these places just triggers for telepathic interaction. Food for thought and one of the great things about paranormal conventions.

I would also like to thank Michael for reminding me that it’s always a great idea to ask questions, especially when we still don’t have all the answers.

William Becker and Tree Spirits

I caught William’s talk almost by accident, but I am glad I did. I’ve never really spent much time researching things like tree spirits or elementals. So, my knowledge on them isn’t great I’m afraid.

That said it was an interesting talk on these strange spirits that William said had been witnessed in the mountain forestry in the states.

It reminded me of the accounts I have read of fairies over the years and I’m not talking Tinkerbell related here.

William was one of those over the weekend that I wish I had found more time to chat with. Apologies William.

John Blackburn and David

Next up was John Blackburn’s talk on his own journey and how he became connected with a probable spirit called ‘David’.

After explaining his initial experiences as a child, John told us how the painting of the Anguished Man came into his possession and with it a very interesting spiritual connection.

As John worked with the painting and ‘David’ the connection provided some very interesting instances of physical mediumship.

However after a while the owner of the Anguished Man decided to retain the painting removing it from John’s possession and stopping the work he was doing. At the time though this connection had become a friendship with emotional ties. Loosing the Anguished Man and David, upset John deeply. In fact he suffered from a period of mourning in a way. This isn’t uncommon and was also mentioned when the Scole Experiment finally came to an end.

However this wouldn’t be the end of John and David’s relationship it seemed. At a later date, I believe John came into the possession of a particular book. This was followed by a Ouija board session that John wasn’t involved in, but it appeared that David communicated and also gave the name of the book too. These events then sparked the attempt to create a new picture and attempt to transport David’s spirit from the Anguished Man to this new picture. Something which John said occurred very quickly.

This process is something John calls Karmic Transmigration.

Right at the end of the talk, John was talked into revealing the new picture to the audience. Oddly as the picture was revealed, an emotional wave appeared to hit Joe Chin, which lead to him taking some time outside.


The picture in its new form certainly captured the audience and I do have to admit it does spark my interest too, I wonder where that will lead!

Hog Roast and a Bar

The evening segment of the weekend started with a Hog Roast and a Bar, which are two things which went down well. The Hog Roast was fantastic and the portions were very generous too. The bar was pretty good too, I’m guessing I wasn’t drinking! However the bar staff had banter, which is always good.

Actually jokes, bar and hog roast aside this was a great time for the guests and some guest speakers to gather and chat about their favourite subject; the paranormal.

I bumped into Tomo Warrington and was happy to meet another like minded individual. We spoke of the SPR, Ghost Club, concepts like telepathic interaction, what is a ghost and more. It’s always great to meet new like minded friends.

A Relaxed Ghost Hunt

Once the Hog Roast had been polished off, we headed off in various groups around the site to investigate several locations. It was good to have free time to roam around the site to investigate where we wanted to.

However it wasn’t long before Viv grabbed me and helped us to gain access to the main house so that we could check out the cella, which is always a great place to investigate.

The story is that the spirit of cavalier used to lock children down in the cellar. There were some areas where children could be locked, but on this occasion we didn’t get much. Although there were a few newts down there that I had to save, little blighters were sitting right where they would be trampled on.

Physical Mediumship with John Blackburn

A little later I joined a group on the ground floor for a little seance with a difference lead by John Blackburn. This was quite strange really as it was an interesting display of probable physical mediumship.

At one point as we all held hands John had two members raise their hands of the table, but they weren’t consciously doing this.

Next up Elizabeth found herself in the corner of the room being lifted by unseen hands, then she walked forward and made to pat another member of the group on the head. A very fascinating session that we then took to the cellar.

The cellar was a lot darker than our previous location and this was an equally interesting session. Some light anomalies were seen and individuals touched. Unfortunately I never experienced anything myself, but it was certainly an interesting session.

A Little Thanks

I would just like to say a huge thanks to Viv, Sean, the Paraforce Team and all the Guest Speakers for a great first day. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Check out more on Paraforce UK 2017 here…

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