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Information and the Akashic Records

Thinking about the Akashic Records…

As I sit in the quiet of the SPR Library looking out at the blue skies over London this afternoon, I find myself recalling a conversation on the Akashic Records that I had earlier today. If you would like to know a little more about the Akashic Records, please check out my brief Metetherial Encyclopaedia post on them here.

Obviously from a scientific stand point the records themselves are not considered a fact as their existence is very much unproven, but they are something that does come up on a regular basis in relation to the spiritual journey of some individuals. I too have encountered them both in research and during a dream like state in the past.

Now as they often seem to be related to the spiritual side of the paranormal I wondered if I could perhaps throw them into the psi theory concept and reconstruct them so to speak within a post that may present them in a different light.

Documenting everything…

So, the Akashic Records are believed to house every deed, action, thought, decision, event and interaction that has ever occurred in the past, present or future. A record of everything of all time. Which is where we begin to meet our first psi theory cross-overs in my opinion. A record of everything would be huge, in physical terms within our reality it would be an impossibility, especially if we liken it to a library. For example, I am sat in a library right now. There must be hundreds of books here, if not well over a thousand. Add in the various magazines and other documents, then you must be looking at thousands of sources of information in one room at the SPR. All on roughly the same subject area, Psychical Research. If you were to document every thought, every action, every event no matter how small that has and will occur throughout time, then I know that wont fit on my computers hard drive!

However this is where the Akashic Records come into their own in my opinion and we begin to perhaps look at other possible explanations, such as Jung’s Collective Unconscious. Oddly this also presents alternative possibilities for some of those more paranormal experiences too.

Its all about information…

One thing we must agree on here is that if the Akashic Records do store everything from all time, then what they store is information. That information will and must interrelate, as in each piece of information will link to another piece or multiple pieces of information, a little like a web. See where this is going yet?

Let’s go back to the library idea. In a library the books are usually in some sort of order, generally speaking this is related to the authors surname and they are arranged alphabetically on the shelves. So, you’ve got Sheldrake’s ‘Sense of Being Stared At’ on the same shelf as Sidgwick’s ‘A Memoir’. Their locality dependant on their author. However, Sheldrake talks of ‘telepathy’ in his book, a term coined by FWH Myers, who’s books reside on a completely different shelf, but by this and no doubt other elements are interconnected. This would be similar for all information especially if it was related to everything throughout time.

What’s even more interesting (perhaps just to me) is that these information correlations also relate to our own memories and what we know too. Think about it for a second. No matter the memory you think of there will be another living thing in proximity that will have a version of those events.

Its all in the memory…

Let me explain with two very different examples. In the first one its your first day at school, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a particular age group as it would work for any. As the child you are likely to turn up with a vague idea of where it is you are supposed to go and what you are supposed to do. Usually guidance comes from the adults around you, teachers and perhaps parents. It also will come from observing others too and what they do. However the whole event is something you remember from your perspective and experience, but there are equally multiple other memories from other perspectives too. The other children will have their memories, the adults too, but there are also possible memories beyond that which we often disregard as present. These are the memories of the animals near by too. Sounds strange to suggest that a bird flying over head may have a memory of the moments you started school or even dog outside the school gate remembers you walking to school, but these should be possibilities we consider.

The second example in this is all about you being alone. For example, you are for reasons unimportant located in a room of building. There is no one else there, you’re completely alone. At least that’s the memory you would have of that situation and there would be no human memory elsewhere to back that up. However this is also something we miss in our interpretation of what we remember. You see there is likely to be someone that witnessed your movements at some point in relation to arriving there. They may not have seen you walk in the room or even the building, but we have a human memory timeline from that. Also, there are animals around constantly, so it is likely that there would be memory of you at the location possibly even within the room from an unseen animal. Thus even a memory of an event which appears on the surface to have no connection to another memory is more than likely to have somewhere.

Our desire to appear independent and individuals is something which is constantly driven into our very being. We are presented with the tools to make decisions and walk our own paths on every opportunity. We may even fiercely deny our similarities to our parents and siblings because of this, yet we are a connected species and beyond that we are connected to the other living things around us too.

These memories like the books on the SPR shelves and that which is contained possibly in the Akashic Records is all about information. Information which is around us all the time. In fact these days with social media and cloud technology, our very memories are recorded in word, audio, video and photographs, then shared amongst many that were not present. So, a perspective of the events is even remembered by those not even present.

Now we seem to have a local and even non-local link to memories that occur on a daily basis, it sounds strange just to write it, but in reality its happening. Think about it, when you shared that picture of your birthday drinks, those not present at the events saw it possibly liked it too. Perhaps they showed someone they were stood next to, perhaps someone walking past completely unrelated saw the social media post too. All of a sudden the reach of your memory has the potential to be in several places across the world.

Memories make up a considerable amount of the information here, as those memories will link to actual events that transpired, but we put more than that out there. We share ideas and decisions, we share specific events and even history. The internet is already a huge source of information about everything really, in all forms. Granted its not quite everything of all time past, present and future. However it certainly appears to be of a similar form to the Akashic Records with the resources available to us today.

Locating the Records…

If information that covers well everything ever to happen and that will ever happen is recorded in the Akashic Records then we must discuss where they may possibly exist. Just to clarify, this part is purely theoretical and meant as simply food for thought. We are presented with a few possible locations for the records; another plane of consciousness, another dimension, etc.

I want to begin by throwing out there a truly ‘Doctor Who’ theory for the Akashic Records. What if the huge library existed within a black hole, just past the event horizon of the singularity. A place where time wasn’t normal and matter could be easily manipulated perhaps. Also, to throw caution to the wind, I believe that Hawkins had a theory where he believed information could escape a black hole. Perhaps that information is our connection to the Records themselves.

The consciousness approach is quite interesting as it feeds directly into the shared memories concept we’ve already discussed. That way it links all of our minds together making the information accessible in that way. Of course its suggested that meditation and other relaxed stated can help in accessing this form of the records. This could also be related back to Jung’s Collective Unconscious. It actually makes a lot of sense too. As a physical organ the brain has a huge capacity to store lots of information, multiply that by the number of humans, then by the number of animals and that’s a heck of a lot of storage to access. If we are all connected in that fashion then potentially we have access to well everything, as there’s bound to be someone somewhere that knows something about the one thing you believe no one does! If that makes sense? Hang on connected minds sounds a lot like a network of computers too, funny that!

Combining theories like quantum mechanics, entanglement and neurological networks could possibly be hiding the reality of the Akashic Records.

Relating Paranormal Experiences…

So how does this explain possible paranormal experiences? Without going into too much detail, think of it this way. If we continuously have access to information and its likely presented in relation to what our senses are picking up, then its almost like out minds are continuously ‘googling’ for information based on the space we are in. Add into this mix the probability of telepathic interaction and then the source of the information will be local or even non-local to the individual present. It could even be based on a thought that pops in and out of minds in a split second. Thus you could walk into a room and be presented psychically with the imagine of a past occupant in your mind. However that may relay or overlay what youre senses are acquiring, which then could make it seem as if there is a ghost present.

What you have is comprehension of information rather than survival of consciousness. Well that’s the theory!

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What If The Ghost Was Me!

Something Sean said…

Recently I was chatting to Sean Cadman, one of the organisers of Paraforce UK regarding a recent investigation that he been on and he offered up an interesting point. Interesting enough to make it here to the Psi Theory Blog.

Basically Sean was taking part in John Blackburns Event at the Old Victorian School in Long Eaton and something rather strange occurred to him. He found himself in a corridor alone at one point and as he walked along it in the dim light, he felt as if he had bumped into someone. You know the kind of situation, the one where you accidentally catch their arm and/or shoulder as you pass them, so much so that it catches you and throws you off course a little. Like most of us in this situation Sean instinctively apologised, how very British of him right. The problem was that he didn’t receive an apology in return, in fact there was total silence and well no one there either. Sean checked the area and from where he was walking there wasn’t anything that could have had this effect on him. So he left the area slightly puzzled with an experience under his belt.

This seemingly paranormal encounter appeared to leave Sean thinking deeply though and rather than attributing this to a physical manifestation of a ghost from the location, he theorised quite a different idea.

Sean wondered about all this talk of multiverses and wondered if in some other reality he may have walked the opposite direction down the corridor, but because this reality was close to ours there was a cross over so to speak. Hence as he walked the corridor he may have bumped into himself from another reality. Now that’s thinking out of the box and my kind of thinking too.

Obviously playing on Sean’s mind a little, he decided to post this thought on social media and it sparked a little discussion on the topic. Something else I am a fan of too, friendly discussion on out of the box ideas around the Paranormal.

Not such a crazy idea…

The interesting thing here is that I don’t discount Sean’s thought process on this and as a matter of fact it is one possibility, if the multiverse Theory is correct, that could potentially explain ghosts in my opinion.

Now I am not going to claim to have a working knowledge of quantum mechanics or the multiverse theory here, so please feel free to comment if I get something wrong or miss something fundamental here. Small scientific disclaimer to say the least there.

Here’s where I like Sean’s thinking on this, the concept of multiverses is something that serious mainstream science is looking into, its a modern day version of the world being round argument. That being said we may be a long way off proving the existence of multiverses just yet, whereas the Earth being round was kind of obvious when you start to look. Yes, I know back in the day there was less tech so probably not that obvious or easy to prove. However the fact of the matter is that we managed to prove it in the end and that was built on a theory, an idea that someone had.

So, lets assume that multiverse theory is accepted to a degree and let’s equally assume that each new reality is created from a point of decision or change. A point whereas there was a possible number of outcomes and for each of those outcomes a new reality formed. As I write this blog I am listening to a track by the Cranberries from their recently released album, a decision made based on the loss of their lead singer not long ago. A talent that will be greatly missed. However in another reality I would be listening to a different track and in yet another reality I wouldn’t be listening to music at all. You get the idea right?

In Sean’s case he was walking one way down the corridor, but in a similar reality he was walking the opposite direction. This is what spiked my interest in this theory. You see in these two realities we can assume that Sean was pretty much doing exactly the same thing; he was at the Old Victorian School, he was there on the same relative date and time, he was investigating the paranormal, he was probably there with the same people too, he was even walking the same corridor for the same reason. There was only one difference, the direction of travel down that corridor. Now the reason for the difference in direction could be for a multitude of reasons. It could be the orientation of the other reality is the opposite to our own, hence what seemed like the opposite direction was kind of the same direction. Perhaps the decision that lead to the split between these realities was Seans choice to walk the corridor a certain way. Regardless it lead to there being more similarities between the two realities than differences, which could possibly bring the two closer together almost overlapping each other. Hence the reason Sean bumped into himself was that he was the only thing not behaving the same as the other reality. Now that’s some paranormal thinking right there, but something based on scientific theory! I’m not saying that this is indeed the case and Sean bumped in to himself from an alternate reality, there could be a logical explanation for this too, but I am glad there are more people thinking beyond that standard form. Let’s face it Sean could have said he bumped into a ghost in the corridor, but equally this would have not really told us much other than a common understanding of a ghost is a recording of someone that has passed away.

Touching on the logical…

Earlier I mentioned the possibility of a logical explanation and well I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t touch on it briefly here. There is also a distinct possibility that this entire experience could be a complete misconception of something rather simple. Its important to mention that I am not discounting Sean’s experience here, but simply offering up an alternative possibility and one that could often be overlooked.

This explanation could be one of a physiological involuntary response or as I like to call them, an oddly timed muscle spasm. So, basically as Sean walks down the corridor he is focused on investigating the Paranormal, which effectively means he is looking for ghosts already. This mindset already in play can influence his comprehension of his environment and the events which occur within it. As he makes his way along the corridor he has a muscle spasm, which feels very much like he bumped into someone. Given that he is seeking ghosts he concludes he bumped into one, probably not even giving a muscle spasm a second thought. This isn’t saying that Sean is discounting the logical though, remember he took the time to look for an explanation, but couldn’t find one. However not every explanation that’s logical is obvious either, often these are clouded by are own perception.

However what’s important to mention at this point is that although I offered up a muscle spasm as a logical explanation, its still only a theory of what may have occurred. At the end of the day we really only have the anecdotal experience of Sean on this one and he’s memories of the event that occurred. The human mind isn’t always the best for giving accurate reports of the events that have occurred and in situations like this we are often left with a theory of the events explanation.

What do you think?

Given this is an actual situation that occurred to Sean recently I thought it might be great to open this up to everyone else out there. If you were at the Old Victorian School with Sean and John Blackburn, what were your thoughts when you first heard about this experience? Have you experienced anything similar to this during any of the investigations you’ve attended? Do you have a theory of what you think ghosts are? Let’s start a discussion..

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Through The Looking Glass

Looking at things a little differently..

Sometimes we have to step back and look at things just a little differently in order to gain a better understanding of them, but usually the problem is helping others to understand where we may be coming from, so to speak. This is a position I often find myself in whilst working in the paranormal field. It’s probably why some of my friends in the field have dubbed me a para-theorist too, which I am very humbled by indeed.

Often it’s said that we appear to be repeating the same old approaches that Ghost Hunters have used for the last past 100 years, which in my opinion is very ignorant perception of the very wide ranging Paranormal field. Especially as this is really not the case at all. Parapsychology has now taken up a very prominent position in Universities around the world and a great deal of laboratory based research is being accomplished all the time, which is helping to further the field a great deal. There are many Investigators and Ghost Hunters out there in the field trying new things and giving new pieces of tech a go on a regular basis.

Many of these individuals from lab based scientists to quirky ghost hunters that immerse  themselves in haunted old buildings, often do the one thing that the field needs; they stop and look at things a little differently.

When science meets your own crazy thoughts…

A few years back I decided to read a book that wasn’t actually related to the paranormal at all, which in turn helped to change my perception of reality a little more. The book was called; ‘The Infinity Puzzle’ by Frank Close and explained a lot about Quantum Physics. It also introduced me to the critical and clever thinking of Feynman too. Not to mention a lot of amazingly clever scientists that have helped the story of modern Quantum Physics over the years.

What was fundamentally odd about this book wasn’t so much its fascinating description of the evolution of quantum physics, but how as I read more on the subject the similarities between quantum physics and the Paranormal became more evident to me. Now dont get me wrong I’m not about to shout from the rooftops that quantum physics explains all aspects of the Paranormal, so dont get over excited. However there is a lot in quantum physics that appears to my ears to resonate with the world of the Paranormal.

I’m certainly not the first to realise this aspect either, in fact many have noticed it and pointed it out. Some quite prominent scientists in the psychical research field too, like Dean Radin and Russell Targ. Dont forget though Einstein even hinted at this relationship calling it ‘spooky action at a distance’.

The more you read on the subject, the more the relationships between science and the Paranormal begin to be highlighted. Although classical approaches still seem to be against a lot of the Paranormal world, they often in my opinion dont appear to be overly excited about the approaches of the quantum mechanics either.

Dean Radin’s book; ‘Entangled Minds’ gives an excellent overview of the current research and research over the last 100 years into the realms of parapsychology. Looking at the elements of how information may be transferred from one person to another, Radin proposes that entanglement may indeed be a valid explanation of how this information could be picked up without space or time being an issue. Personally I am not against this approach as it does seem to hold water as a valid explanation and equally fits with the likelihood that our minds are all entangled together. Which then fits into Jung’s Collective Unconscious too. In fact looking at all of our minds as being Entangled may explain quite a bit.

Here’s a different idea…

So rather than go into a detailed explanation of quantum physics and the Paranormal, I thought perhaps an idea based on this concept may be more helpful. Also, I am no expert in the teachings of quantum physics and still learning it myself.

Let’s think about a situation that many Ghost Hunter’s seek out in their investigations, the opportunity to encounter an apparition at a historic location. The actual chances of this occurring are very small indeed, but we do have reports from time to time. Some can be explained away by misunderstandings of the environment or even the location of their own team members. However there is that odd report or two where someone actually experiences something.

I have personally experienced this myself and on this occasion I will use the the example of he apparition walking passed the door at the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker. An experience that to date I have no explanation for even though I searched for it, but it never became evident.

At the time there was roughly seven of us in the room, but as is usually the case with these experiences I was the only member of the team to see the apparition. So, the question here is why was I the only one to experience this and how could it be so missed by everyone else. Now there’s a distinct possibility that I was the only one looking in the right direction for those split seconds needed to witness the apparition. However what if there wasn’t anything to be seen so to speak, what if the information present was something I managed to interpret as an apparition. Which then was presented over my understanding of the environment like a slide over another.

Of course that information may simply have come from a moment of entanglement, so to speak, where I pulled the information from pretty much anywhere or when.

So, if we think in these terms, then ghosts as we perceive them may not actually be recordings that we witness at various locations, but information we access through our minds very Entangled nature. Information that we access from others that could be either local or non-local, within the same time frame or from the past or future. The possibility is literally mind boggling, but psi research has given rise to this possible explanation.

Remember its the unknown after all…

Now this particular post was put together simply to tease your mind a little and perhaps open you to my crazy old methods of thinking, where the usual isn’t always the best option and sometimes a little imagination can help you stop for a second.

The most important thing to remember is that whilst we are dealing with the paranormal, we are dealing with the unknown and by knowing that alone we must consider all possibilities that could give us an explanation.

Never rule a possibility out just because it sounds a little fantastical, after all the universe itself is a fantastic place itself.

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Telepathic Interaction – Entangled Emotional Fields

Telepathic Interaction – Entangled Emotional Field

We are complex little organisms us humans, caught in an existence bound by an individual view of the world around us. Many of us travel through life with a simple view that although there are obviously others all around us, each of us is an individual entity managing our own existence. Whereas to an extent of our day to day life this is reasonably true, there are also fundemental aspects which seemingly tie us to others constantly.

When I first began reading more about telepathy, looking into more detailed research and realised that there was an abundance of data out there to support the phenomena; it wasn’t the unusual that surprised me! In fact it was the more simplistic and obvious that began to inspire me. It may seem a little odd, but it confused me when I first read about these aspects of life which could be attributed to telepathy. How did I miss this obvious part of psychical research and more importantly why hadn’t more people mentioned it to me in the past!

Telepathy is an intrinsic element of our world, but equally it’s like a forgotten art that we exclude on the basis that standard science has a little trouble explaining it. For example; have you ever picked up your mobile phone and began to text a loved one, only to have them ring you as you write the text? Have you ever felt the gaze of someone on you, only to turn around and have your eyes meet with another person staring right at you? More importantly perhaps, have you ever questioned the fact that whilst talking to a friend/colleague/loved one you understand more than is verbalised? These few examples are in my opinion and some others, good examples of probable telepathy.

A common misconception among many is that telepathy is all about mind reading. That is one individual reads the mind of another in order to discover information. I’ve encountered this belief in many occasions whilst working with mediums and often when I’ve used the term telepathy they’ve become a little insulted that I could attribute communication to mind reading. So, let’s go ahead and clear that up right now shall we! I see telepathy as the method in which communication occurs, that is to say for me it describes a type of communication between the source and the receiver. In the same way we hear what someone says when they speak out loud, information could also be transferred between our conscious or unconscious minds. However when we speak to one another, there is an intent or a reason for the conversation taking place. This transfer of information telepathically appears to occur both intentionally and unintentionally. The easiest way I can explain this is by means of what I call ‘the forgotten name’. I’m sure many of us have had a conversation about a film we may have watched in the past, but become stumped when we are unable to remember a character or actors name. At that recognition of our memories failing us, we try particularly hard to recall the name without success. In fact in my own experience and in the observation of others, the harder we try to recall the missing name the less we are able to do so. What’s odd about this situation is that when we stop thinking of name we are unable to recall, it often will come to us without warning and often  to our surprise too. This very action in my opinion displays the very fact that our unconscious mind may continue to work on problems as we consciously continue with our day. It’s also this action that highlights the probable hidden activities our mind could achieve unbeknown to our conscious self. Hence why telepathic interaction is likely to occur in this way, travelling from conscious to unconscious mind and into the ether.

Of course beyond the interaction with ones subliminal self is the interaction which appears to occur between us all, possibly on a more regular occurrence than many of us may realise. Many of us currently understand the possibility of telepathic interaction as something that occurs on an ad-hoc basis, something that may take place when we wonder into a haunted location or perhaps when we are in the presence of a spiritual medium. However what if I told you that it’s my opinion and indeed belief that it’s occurring all the time and is actually built into our very being? As crazy as it sounds and some may think it is crazy, I don’t think I’m entirely alone on this understanding. The easiest way to explain this is to describe a general conversation you might have with someone, during which both parties verbalise the points their attempting to make. However if you step back and observe the conversation, you’ll quickly realise there’s more going on than simple speach. We often involves physical gestures in order to make our point, there’s always facial expressions which are imperative in order to define what we are saying, but also the speach itself also has varying tone in order to express points too. There’s a conversation hidden by the conversation so to speak and what I have mentioned is only the obvious expressions. 

This is where the concept of Entangled Emotional Fields comes into play. Have you ever noticed that conversations with close friends or family, even those work colleagues we’ve spent a lot of time with, seem more often to be easier. They understand our point of view quicker and less effort is required to enable them to understand us. Obviously this is because they understand our mannerisms better from spending time with us, but equally it’s my assumption that through spending this time together we create an emotional bond which equally makes telepathic interaction more effective. 

The reason I believe these kind of Entangled Emotional Fields occur is simply because as we spend time together we create memories together, those memories in themselves and no matter their content include an aspect of emotion which helps generate the energy associated with them. In the paranormal this kind of effect is often associated with the Stone Tape Theory and Residual Hauntings. An energy of a particular event imprints the details on a physical location, so that under the right circumstances that event is often played back like a video recording. Thus creating Ghosts which cannot be interacted with. Often these are events are singularly associated to negative traumatic events, such as an attack or murder. However I believe it may have been the great Ghost Hunter Andrew Green that believed that this could also occur with good memories and happy positive events too. A point of view I must agree with. 

So, if it’s possible that the very energy of an event can imprint on a location like a recording or perhaps a memory, then it’s equally possible that the emotion of shared memories can help connect us and equally increase the possibility of telepathic interaction. Just as intent and attention is important, so is the emotional connection. 

This in my opinion is shown quite well in the fact that many of us have encountered that strange moment where we have been thinking of a loved one only to have them phone us shortly thereafter. I believe Rupert Sheldrake has run studies on this too, I wonder if the results were better involving loved ones. I’ve experienced this personally myself when texting a loved one on my mobile phone, only to have them call as I am half way through said text. There’s even been documented stories of people who have thought of a friend whilst in a foreign city only to round a corner shortly after and bump into them. These in my opinion are good evidence for the existence of Entangled Emotional Fields working both locally, at a distance and void of time too. Think about that for second? Is there such thing as random events if all this is going on in the background? That’s something for another post I feel! 

So, I guess before I close this post off I should really define my understanding of what I mean by Entangled Emotional Fields? Fundamentally I believe them to be a part of our human energy field, which each of us has during our lives. The field is rooted in our physical form (perhaps), but extends well beyond it through time and space. During our existence this field interacts with the fields of those we meet and in this fashion becomes connected to those individuals. The more time we spend with an individual the more their field becomes Entangled with ours, the stronger the connection becomes and the more likely that telepathic interaction may occur. However there does appear to be an additional aspect which overrides time spent in this theory, which is that of strong emotion. That’s to say that you could spend a short amount of time with one person, but if that period of time has a deep strong emotional value then that can create a strong bond too. Ergo you could spend 30 minutes with person A, but during that time be involved it a heated argument that your passionate about or engage in a passionate embrace; whilst you could spend 4 hours with person B discussing work. The Emotional Entanglement with person A would be stronger than person B due to the greater emotional exchange in a shorter period of time. 

Of course it’s hard to prove the existence of these Entangled Emotional Fields, but I believe it’s a good possibility given the points I’ve discussed. Still, I would love to hear your point of view on this? 

Thank you for reading and let’s be careful out there!