Can Zero Dimension Theory Help Explain Consciousness?

Ideas about non-local events…

Recently whilst reading the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (JSPR) Vol. 82, No. 2 April 2018, I stumbled on a paper by Michael E Byrne on p.65. The appear was entitled; ‘A Basis for the Non-Local Events of Quantum Mechanics.’ Now I’m really no expert on the field of quantum mechanics, but reading the article really resonated with me. It also somehow reminded me, ever so slightly of a book by Thomas Fusco; ‘Behind the Cosmic Veil.’ In this book Fusco seems to attempt to give his readers a probable theory of everything that merges science, spirituality and the supernatural. Byrne ties the dimensions we know and love together with an external one called the ‘zero dimension’, but in doing so actually gives us a mechanism for psi to not only exist; but actually presents a model not too far from Fusco’s one either. The difference here being that Fusco’s book was published back in 2011, with Byrne’s paper only surfacing this year.This isn’t about who published first though, its about placing the source of the activity outside the familiar dimensions or understanding.

When I first read Fusco’s book in which he explains his theory of supergeometry I really liked the idea, especially as it presented some good explanations of common paranormal aspects. Although there was also some significant parts I also disagreed with our just were not really keen on. For example, in my opinion I wasn’t particularly keen on the use of Fusco’s theory to explain or perhaps backup some biblical stories. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand where Fusco was going with this, but for me this detracted from what the theory was trying to achieve. That said Fusco was attempting to tackle the spiritual within this theory too.

Fusco’s supergeometry theory…

The basics of Fusco’s theory as I comprehend it is that; information of blueprints as Fusco calls them exist for all things in our universe in a type of universe outside of ours. These blueprints may cross the light barrier appearing in our four dimensional universe. Now if you think of these blueprints or information partially presenting themselves in our universe then you possibly have a potential ghost. Granted that is a really simplistic version of Fusco’s theory, but hopefully you get the idea somewhat?

Credit where credit is due though, it was Fusco’s theory that helped a good friend of mine to focus his own research in the paranormal field. It also highlighted a few possibilities to me too. As I mentioned earlier I don’t subscribe to the entirety of Fusco’s theory, but it may help to explain some fundamental parts. Like transference of information or even the relocation of physical objects. What became interesting more so was there may be a way to measure when information ‘pops’ into our universe. Which is all about gravitational field bubbles apparently, but also something I’m not going to venture into in this post. As that is likely to fill a post all on its own. Although I have read a lot on this area, there’s still a lot for me to learn to fully understand where Fusco is going with it.

Whilst reading the JSPR recently though, Byrne’s paper reminded of Fusco’s theory once again. However Byrne, for me delivered his theory in a manner, which made more sense to me. Even though I have to admit some of the paper may have been a little over my head. Nothing a little extra reading wont help with!

Byrne’s zero dimension theory…

Byrne presents what he calls a ‘zero dimension’ as a probable dimension to connect all things, all places and all times. Equally this zero dimension could also be where consciousness resides and help explain many concepts of psi.

So, why are Fusco’s theory and Byrne’s theory important when it comes to the concepts of psi? Many such psi concepts show the presence of non-locality. Locality states that an object can only be influenced by it surroundings, a principle psi events seem to ignore, Dean Radin has often highlighted this in his books.

Whether it’s a zero dimension or an alternate universe, both these theories presents us with a new possibility to look in to, rather than assuming that ghosts or spirits are to blame. It gives us greater suggestive possibilities for us in regards to the problem of mind-body duality. It also gives us another possible conduit to explain the transference of information or even movement of objects. If we could follow on with this research then perhaps we could gain more understanding of our consciousness, one of the hard questions.

Personally I prefer Byrne’s zero dimension theory, much to my friends upset I am sure, but that said I like the Fusco concept of blueprints for everything as it fits with the Akashic Records concept. Even if logically speaking those ‘blueprints’ as an idea can be problematic . If I understand it correctly and apologies to Byrne if I don’t, but zero dimension ties all things together including places and times too. Which means rather than being separate, the zero dimension may be entwined with our other four dimensions. This in turn means that those things that appear to be non-local are now local due to their zero dimension connection.

Fitting this to telepathic interaction…

In regards to my own research into aspects like telepathic interaction this presents some really interesting possibilities. How telepathic interaction occurs both locally and non-locally has always been a top question, but a zero dimension could give us the answer. A zero dimension could explain how one person can locate and present information related to another without being near them. The source could then either be someone else not present or as time is no longer an issue; the source could be the original person in their own time. Of course this may create a slight set back for proving survival. Unless we accept the possibility that no one is really ever gone as we can still connect to them across time and space via the zero dimension.

However it also creates a huge number of ideas that could become reality due to this concept of being connected to all things, all places and times. It opens the possibility of us being able to connect not only backwards in time, but forwards too. Our boundaries of normal reality begin to dissolve when we think in this manner, but perhaps a little out of the box thinking is good when you’re in the paranormal.

More than just spook…

Whether it’s a zero dimension or supergeometry, both give us a possibility to find alternatives that may explain the oddities we are searching answers for in the grand scheme of things. Its good to see theories like these emerging in the field and proves there is more to the paranormal than ghosts roaming haunted buildings.

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