Through The Looking Glass

Looking at things a little differently..

Sometimes we have to step back and look at things just a little differently in order to gain a better understanding of them, but usually the problem is helping others to understand where we may be coming from, so to speak. This is a position I often find myself in whilst working in the paranormal field. It’s probably why some of my friends in the field have dubbed me a para-theorist too, which I am very humbled by indeed.

Often it’s said that we appear to be repeating the same old approaches that Ghost Hunters have used for the last past 100 years, which in my opinion is very ignorant perception of the very wide ranging Paranormal field. Especially as this is really not the case at all. Parapsychology has now taken up a very prominent position in Universities around the world and a great deal of laboratory based research is being accomplished all the time, which is helping to further the field a great deal. There are many Investigators and Ghost Hunters out there in the field trying new things and giving new pieces of tech a go on a regular basis.

Many of these individuals from lab based scientists to quirky ghost hunters that immerse  themselves in haunted old buildings, often do the one thing that the field needs; they stop and look at things a little differently.

When science meets your own crazy thoughts…

A few years back I decided to read a book that wasn’t actually related to the paranormal at all, which in turn helped to change my perception of reality a little more. The book was called; ‘The Infinity Puzzle’ by Frank Close and explained a lot about Quantum Physics. It also introduced me to the critical and clever thinking of Feynman too. Not to mention a lot of amazingly clever scientists that have helped the story of modern Quantum Physics over the years.

What was fundamentally odd about this book wasn’t so much its fascinating description of the evolution of quantum physics, but how as I read more on the subject the similarities between quantum physics and the Paranormal became more evident to me. Now dont get me wrong I’m not about to shout from the rooftops that quantum physics explains all aspects of the Paranormal, so dont get over excited. However there is a lot in quantum physics that appears to my ears to resonate with the world of the Paranormal.

I’m certainly not the first to realise this aspect either, in fact many have noticed it and pointed it out. Some quite prominent scientists in the psychical research field too, like Dean Radin and Russell Targ. Dont forget though Einstein even hinted at this relationship calling it ‘spooky action at a distance’.

The more you read on the subject, the more the relationships between science and the Paranormal begin to be highlighted. Although classical approaches still seem to be against a lot of the Paranormal world, they often in my opinion dont appear to be overly excited about the approaches of the quantum mechanics either.

Dean Radin’s book; ‘Entangled Minds’ gives an excellent overview of the current research and research over the last 100 years into the realms of parapsychology. Looking at the elements of how information may be transferred from one person to another, Radin proposes that entanglement may indeed be a valid explanation of how this information could be picked up without space or time being an issue. Personally I am not against this approach as it does seem to hold water as a valid explanation and equally fits with the likelihood that our minds are all entangled together. Which then fits into Jung’s Collective Unconscious too. In fact looking at all of our minds as being Entangled may explain quite a bit.

Here’s a different idea…

So rather than go into a detailed explanation of quantum physics and the Paranormal, I thought perhaps an idea based on this concept may be more helpful. Also, I am no expert in the teachings of quantum physics and still learning it myself.

Let’s think about a situation that many Ghost Hunter’s seek out in their investigations, the opportunity to encounter an apparition at a historic location. The actual chances of this occurring are very small indeed, but we do have reports from time to time. Some can be explained away by misunderstandings of the environment or even the location of their own team members. However there is that odd report or two where someone actually experiences something.

I have personally experienced this myself and on this occasion I will use the the example of he apparition walking passed the door at the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker. An experience that to date I have no explanation for even though I searched for it, but it never became evident.

At the time there was roughly seven of us in the room, but as is usually the case with these experiences I was the only member of the team to see the apparition. So, the question here is why was I the only one to experience this and how could it be so missed by everyone else. Now there’s a distinct possibility that I was the only one looking in the right direction for those split seconds needed to witness the apparition. However what if there wasn’t anything to be seen so to speak, what if the information present was something I managed to interpret as an apparition. Which then was presented over my understanding of the environment like a slide over another.

Of course that information may simply have come from a moment of entanglement, so to speak, where I pulled the information from pretty much anywhere or when.

So, if we think in these terms, then ghosts as we perceive them may not actually be recordings that we witness at various locations, but information we access through our minds very Entangled nature. Information that we access from others that could be either local or non-local, within the same time frame or from the past or future. The possibility is literally mind boggling, but psi research has given rise to this possible explanation.

Remember its the unknown after all…

Now this particular post was put together simply to tease your mind a little and perhaps open you to my crazy old methods of thinking, where the usual isn’t always the best option and sometimes a little imagination can help you stop for a second.

The most important thing to remember is that whilst we are dealing with the paranormal, we are dealing with the unknown and by knowing that alone we must consider all possibilities that could give us an explanation.

Never rule a possibility out just because it sounds a little fantastical, after all the universe itself is a fantastic place itself.

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