The Farsight PRS Team

Once I had made the decision to start my own team I needed a group of people that I could trust and join me on our investigations. It was from the outset that I made the decision to approach some things differently. These are not approaches which are unique just things I wanted to incorporate into my team as we developed. The first was to involve my sister and her friends to film each investigation with the future aim to use that footage to create a kind of episode, either online or other media. These days with camcorders and laptops this doesn’t seem impossible, probably quite achievable with YouTube. However, as my sister works in the TV and Film industry she and I wanted to try and deliver something more professional.

The next part which I wanted to include was to make our team more wide spread. I didn’t want us to be made up of investigators from a particular area and focus our efforts solely around our own homes. That approach would mean you run out of locations pretty rapidly. My concept for this was to take on members in various places around the UK, that way we could investigate up and down the country with the bonus of possibly having members close to locations we may investigate. Looking back I don’t think I really thought about the consequences and dedication required for my team to travel once a month to locations. However, I am well aware of it and as ever I am thoroughly thankful to my team for joining all over the place looking for paranormal activity.

My next thought was that as I was relatively new to the more in depth location investigating of the paranormal I would require, well hope for a level of understanding and patience from my new team. Although I would ask for their opinions and ideas on investigations I would adopt my own approaches, sometimes covering old ground for them, but still important ground to cover again I think. In fact looking back over the first year I can easily remember many occasions where my team have explained something away for me and kept us on the straight and narrow, not jumping to any conclusions too soon. It’s become a part of what Farsight PRS is all about I think and in way has made us work well.

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