Paranormal News Thursday–The Boy and His Ghost

As a new little feature to force me to post Blog entries more often, I have decided to add ‘Paranormal News Thursday’. This will basically be a brief blog on a paranormal news story I have stumbled across during the week. I will link to the original story, write up my thoughts and then invite my readers to comment.

This week a little story based around a boy that claims to play with Ghosts, which is backed up with a spooky photo too. As ever its hard to properly investigate these stories without contact with those involved or access to the original photo, but I will do my best to express my point of view.


The photo was taken by the boys (Sirus Walsh) mother with her new mobile phone whilst at her mothers (Julie Smith) house. She had taken a photo of her two son’s larking about and realised there was a halo above both their heads. She promptly deleted the photo and took another, which is when she took the photo above of Sirus and his ghostly friend.

Without seeing more pictures from that day its hard to draw conclusions to the authenticity of the photo. Has it been faked? Well, we all know its possible these days and without a great deal of effort too. You don’t have to be a computer graphic whizz kid, in fact there are apps out there which will create this kind of picture.  Julie Smith denies the photo as being faked, stating that they wouldn’t know how to fake such a picture. Like I said though you can find apps for phones and its really not too hard to do in Photoshop.


Okay, here is my very quick attempt at faking a picture. I used Photoshop to throw an image of a young girl onto some empty stairs in a known haunted location. If anyone recognises it please let me know? It doesn’t have quite the appeal of the photo above, but you get the idea. With more time and if I was trying specifically to fake this, then I believe I could do a better job.


However, if you check the properties of my little creation in Windows, my changes are kind of made obvious by the Adobe Photoshop staring back at me, whoops! Not so clever then!!

Below is a picture that has not been edited and is directly off a camera, no Photoshop there!



Photo’s can be faked and that much we know. To investigate these kind of cases we need access to the original pictures and others taken at the time. In this case they are not available, so drawing conclusions either way is tough. It becomes a matter of belief, like so many things in the paranormal field are! As we can’t debunk the photo right now we must take the claim at face value, making a decision on our own belief.

I would like to think that Sirus is a young developing medium with supernatural playmates, one of which has been caught by his mothers smartphone. His mother believes he has ‘the gift’, question is how it may be developed in the years ahead. As Sirus is still quite young, he still may loose access to this ability too. Who knows?

What do you believe ? Drop me a comment and let me know what think about this story?

Check out the original here.

If you have any paranormal stories or stumble across any, please feel free to let me know about them.

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