Paranormal News – Haunted Mobile’s

It seems as our technology develops and we become a world more and more connected by devices and gadgets, so do the spirit world. I have seen a few stories on the internet and from a few people too now in regards to some odd communications from the other side, but not through the usual Mediums of Séance’s. Now it would seem that those that have ‘crossed over’ have tried using the mobile phone to grab our attention.

This isn’t as unusual or far fetched as it may first seem either. Reports of phone calls from he dead or indeed communication through other technology have been around for many years. The mobile phone is just the latest device to receive the lime light in this matter.


Most of these reports involve heavy static and distant voices heard through the devices receiver. A little like an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recording and of similar inconclusive quality. However, I have also heard of specific messages and even calls from an old phone which was currently switched off.

In fact this last report was particularly interesting, as the person in question had recently upgraded their phone and contract, hence a new number and handset. As they started using their new device the old one remained by the bed, switched off with the old SIM still in it. So, it was a bit of a shock when they received a call on their new handset from their old number! On this occasion they chose not to answer, perhaps the oddness of the situation was enough to persuade them not to. I know I would have to answer. On another occasion the same persona checked their voicemail to find an odd unrecognisable message, when the number was reviewed it turned out to be that old handset again! Is this a case of a technical fault or could the old mobile be haunted?

Now, as I work in IT I could quite imagine how some things could cause faulty devices to behave in a slightly odd way, which in turn could be seen as being slightly ghostly in form! However, after witnessing this myself I have to admit its quite a compelling piece of evidence. Especially when you know the phone ringing you is in the same house and most definitely switched off! Still for me the jury is out and the possibility of a more logical technical answer seems more plausible than that of a spirit which has learnt how to manipulate technology.

This is one for the ‘further investigation’ pile for me and perhaps one day I will manage to get to the bottom of it, but for now I don’t have an answer or can prove the technology is at fault.

I will leave you with one small thought, that mobile which was switched off, but making calls. When it was in use it worked fine and this phenomena never occurred! It only started calling the new phone since it was left off on the side of the bed.

I would love to hear what you think about this subject and if you have ever experienced a haunted mobile phone? So, please leave a comment below..   

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