Farsight Files & Paranormal Magazine

Thought I would add a quick post to let everyone know that my Farsight Files column is moving from Ghost Voices Magazine to the Paranormal Magazine. A move which should hopefully bring the Farsight Files to a new group of readers, yet still include those who have already been following the investigations of the Farsight Paranormal Research Society.

Ghost Voices Magazine helped me bring our investigations to the public to read, which I am very thankful for. They also took a bit of a gamble in me as writer to deliver regular articles with photos too, which really helped us. For that I thank the magazine for taking us on and getting us going. Ghost Voices is a great magazine and I still hope to pop up from time to time in there with an article or two, so keep your eyes peeled if you have a subscription.

So, why Paranormal Magazine? After reading a few issues and understanding the angle of the magazine, it seemed like a good option for at least an article. I contacted the editor, as you do and following some long email threads I realised that perhaps Farsight Files could feature in the magazine.

However, as a part of the move to Paranormal Magazine I will also add in a few additional articles on the paranormal, which aren’t specifically about a location we might have investigated. So, keep a look out for some extra articles.

The last article in Ghost Voices Magazine is in the latest issue and covers our investigation of Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre, which is out now I believe. Please take a look as it was an interesting investigation.

The Farsight Files will then return in the Paranormal Magazine at the end of October (issue 63) with our investigation of Watlington House.

So, a big thank you to Ghost Voices Magazine for giving us an excellent start and hopefully will still have articles in there from time to time.

And ‘hello’ to Paranormal Magazine the new home of the ‘Farsight Files’.

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