The Hidden Fort – Case Notes

The Farsight PRS team headed to Harwich this weekend to investigate the Redoubt Fort.

After I drove past the entrance a couple of times, realising that the small road which resembled a footpath was actually where I needed to go, I pulled up outside the well hidden Fort. I say, well hidden as that is exactly what it is and in fact what its original design intended. Rather than being built on a hill, it has actually been built in the hill so to speak, making it a very hard target! However, its still very effected as a defensive unit.

These days the Fort is surrounded by a bush, then allotments and finally local houses. All things which were never there in its day, but make it very hard to find!

However, once you cross the bridge over the moat and actually enter the Fort you are presented with an abundance of history, which has been well preserved for us all by the volunteers who have dedicated their time to making the Fort the best it can be. In fact they have done amazing work over nearly forty years to preserve the Fort. In fact one of their displays shows the work they have done over the years and I have to admit they have gone to some impressive lengths.

Following some traffic issues on the A12 the rest of the team began to turn up. So once we had settled in, cracked a few jokes and got some provisions for the night, we were given a tour.

I think its apt to mention that whilst a few of us headed to a local shop for coffee and biscuits, Martin felt the need to remain and ‘hold the fort’, his words!

Following our tour we were left to setup and investigate. However, this was going to be unlike the other investigations we had done. For the first time I think we were actually evaluating and planning how to proceed on the fly. Which was interesting, but not exactly how I like to run investigations.

Even so we cracked on, made decisions and done what we could. Please keep an eye on our website and Ghost Voices Magazine for the full report on Harwich Redoubt Fort.

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