Farsight PRS 2013 Return!!

2012 has been an odd year for me in relation to the paranormal, I’ve kind of stepped out and slightly detached myself towards the end of 2011. Which meant that Farsight PRS went a touch quiet and my investigating came to a halt! Although at the time it seemed the right choice to coincide with my private life and career, perhaps it was a little hasty! After all myself and my team have placed a lot of effort into making Farsight PRS a well respected team. I apologise whole heatedly for this, sometimes we should explore more options.

Still you can’t keep the urge to investigate, the need to know more buried, especially when, like me you were brought up pretty much questioning everything! It wasn’t long into 2012 when I joined up with APIS and joined them on a couple of investigations too. However, this meant investigating a way which wasn’t Farsight’s way! It wasn’t a wrong way, in fact it seemed quite effective, but I missed what I had created with the help of a great team in Farsight. I guess its just hard to slow down and do things someone else’s way, where before we made the decisions and set the pace.

However, the couple of investigations that I attended with APIS not only kept my desire to investigate alive, but also helped me to realise other aspects of Farsight investigations which may be lacking. Don’t get me wrong I also noticed many pluses to the way Farsight do things too. Mainly though it highlighted the simple fact that although approaches can be varied or appear radically different sometimes, we are all looking for the same thing. There is no right or wrong way.

A good example of this is Vigil behaviour. Some teams will demand complete silence, so that any audio activity may be heard. However, often the Vigil can pass without any activity to speak of what so ever. Now some teams will actually conduct Vigils with background noise, random chat or even laughter. This can seem a little odd as logically silence would make more sense, but in my own experience noise, especially laughter does work. Perhaps whatever is out there draws energy from our laughter!

As 2012 drew towards a close I realised that if I wanted to continue investigating the paranormal then I would need to revive Farsight PRS and get the team back together. After contacting the team I was a little shocked to learn most were still happy to get back involved, but very glad they were. Before knew it Farsight was almost back up and running again, we just needed our first investigation.

Although I did try to get the team together for an investigation in December, this soon became a bad time with Christmas just around the corner. Then something extraordinary occurred. Damien O’Dell the leader of APIS contacted me and gave me a heads up on an investigation that he believed would be good for Farsight to take a look at. The location was one that APIS had recently investigated in Luton with some good results and an active night. It seemed like a good idea to get Farsight to investigate in their particular style and see if we hit upon some of the same results and activity. With a team now ready to go for this, Farsight are looking forward to our first investigation of 2013, recommended by Damien.

So, Farsight PRS are back in action and kick of their 2013 investigations in January. Please check here for updates and case notes. All comments are welcome and I look forward to reading a few.

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