Experiment 004 – Bradwell Abbey – 18th March 2015



Ashley, Gary, Graham, David, Dawn, Claire & Michelle


Data Logger! Stimson TDC (connected to speakers and audio recorder), Stimson Cube (movement/tilt & magnetic field visual sensor), Audio Recorders, Video Camera (not IR), Upturned Vase (substitute for Bell Jar), Platform (wooden), Quartz Crystals, Movement Sensor Ball (placed on empty chair) and Small Square Table.


  1. Setup the experiment room – using a specific table and room layout.
  2. Briefly run through the experiment proceedings.
  3. The group then take their seats in the experiment room, which are predetermined.
  4. Lights out.
  5. The group take five minutes of silence to settle into the room.
  6. Opening prayer (written specifically for the experiment), which is led by David and repeated by the group.
  7. Guided meditation led by Gary, using a bridge as a focal point of a visualisation to allow the group to meet with half way across our spirit helpers.
  8. Main Experiment – during this time the group describe what they pick up and any communication received.
  9. Closing prayer (written specifically for the experiment), which again is led by David and repeated by the group.
  10. Guided meditation completion by Gary, taking us away from the bridge.
  11. Lights on.


The Experiment Table

We arrived at Bradwell Abbey as normal and started setting up the experiment room. The layout was to be the same as experiment 003. However we were missing Ann and Matt during this experiment. With this in mind the only thing that would have to change would be the seating of the group.

Although there was a little movement at the beginning of the experiment session I believe that the above was the final seating positions. Personally I wasn’t happy with the seating and didn’t believe it was correct energy wise.

As usual following the setup we went through the proceedings of the experiment before taking our seats in the room and turning the lights out.

We spent roughly five to ten minutes to settle into the environment before kicking off with the prayer. Following the prayer Gary took us through the usual bridge meditation. After this we each detailed our own accounts of what we may have experienced during the meditation. David advised that during his meditation he felt something knock his chair physically, also that he encountered an Indian looking man. Oddly Michelle noted a similar looking man, but with a mustache and an elephant.

Graham mentioned a man with a top hat and grey beard. Claire felt she saw a lady in a long white night dress. I felt the presence of a suited man with a mustache. Oddly it was how well the mans mustache kept that indicated to me the details of the man.

Perhaps even more odd, Dawn encountered a cherub looking over a wall. This then highlighted Dawns bridge as being a railway bridge. Also, a gentleman dressed in blue, like a conductor which was similar to what David had seen during the last experiment.

Gary also saw a railway bridge. He also saw several entities, including a suited man, child and a few others. These entities gave him a nice feeling, which he explained to the rest of the group.

We then moved onto the main communication part of the experiment. As we did so both Gary and Claire noted hearing a female voice and also that the light appeared denser nearer the door. Then literally as Gary asked out, he heard a faint sound. David also feels pins and needles in his legs, others in the group also note feeling something too. Michelle stated at this point that she felt affected by the seating positions. Quite dramatically David then feels a breath on his face.

Following this the group then report more audible phenomena, so much so that Gary attempts to replicate the noise heard. David then feels a presence, whom Gary invites to communicate. Michelle advises, a couple are present and a young girl in a white flowing dress. She believes them to be local spirits and related to something like a wedding event.

We decide to introduce ourselves at this point. As we finish this Gary senses a visible darkness between him and Dawn. Dawn feels quite cold at this point. Then Gary states that he can smell something like dirty washing and Michelle notes that it is really dark behind Gary and Dawn. We related the dirty washing smell to a possible spirit called ‘Percy’. With this Gary invites the spirit to interact with us. Michelle mentions some light anomalies that she can see.

The group discuss the light in the room for a moment and how its important to understand how this changing light may have an effect on what we actually see. Michelle identifies the presence of a spirit called ‘Eleanor’ near to the door behind Dawn.

A few minutes later Claire states that she can smell feces and this highlights to us to perform the protection of the group. Claire was the only group member to experience this on that occasion.

Gary then asks the entity near to Claire to head over to him!

After Michelle describes a couple of spirits stood behind Graham, David mentions that he feels something has just walked straight through him.

Just after ten, Dawn mentions that Michelle’s face looked like it had a full beard! Is this possible transfiguration or paraedolia?

Michelle then states that she keeps seeing Jewish people, about four of them. Like a Jewish family perhaps praying. She gives us the names Peter and Franklin.

At this point Gary believes that he hears a sound on the Stimson TDC.

Oddly the Jewish connection is then expanded to show a more personal connection to Gary. Key facts were identified, such as Gary not attending a funeral recently, the surname Conway, a Star of David which would have greater significance later on.

Michelle also picks up on Gary’s other Nan with a middle name of ‘Rose’ and that she is close to passing.

During this Dawn also picked up on the nickname ‘Lotte’, this is what Gary calls his daughter Charlotte, whom also has the middle name of ‘Rose’.

As this emotional connection continued Gary began to slip into a possible trance state; which Gary later described as feeling very distant and like he was watching the room from a far. At this point one of the team asks spirit to move away from Gary and he quickly returns. However its possible that the spirits then move onto Dawn. As this occurs the first name said is Thomas Edison. The spirit also mentions that the table is too cluttered. We were also told to clear it more, remove all the equipment. Finally we are told to turn the table towards the East by a third.

Following this communication and due to the time, we decide to end experiment 004. We went through the usual closing prayer and meditation, before lights up and experiment break down.

Another remarkable evening building communication with spirit.


On this occasion we didn’t seem to capture any audio or visual evidence to support the our multiple experiences. There wasn’t anything anomalous discovered on the Data Logger on this occasion either.

Although our evidence and data was lacking, the experiences of the group were very interesting. Once again activity was accompanied by the light in certain areas becoming denser and also feelings of a temperature drop.

We also experienced some excellent spirit communication and possible channeling by Dawn. Communication which appeared to give us direct instructions regarding our table. Something we may have to take into consideration for future experimental sessions.

It’s hard to say, but Gary might have also felt the beginning of entering trance communication too. An experience which also appeared to follow the description of an out of body experience. Thus creating another aspect to look into.

Also, part of the communication appeared to focus around a very Jewish connection. Although this connection was identified with Gary’s family, we also later found out that Ann (who was in Australia during this experiment) attempted to send an image to the group mentally. Basically she was attempting telepathic communication with the group to see if that image would come through. I am pleased to say that it did indeed. During the experiment a particular symbol was described around the same time as the communication regarding the Jewish family. This was described as a star of David with a circle I believe. What was odd is that following the experiment Ann posted the rough sketch of the symbol on our Facebook group. This also pretty much matched the symbol which Gary had. This then raises a few questions; did Ann send the symbol and we picked up on it? Did we pick up on the symbol and the actual item that Gary has along with the other Jewish connections? Did Ann pick up on Gary having this symbol and then subconsciously selected it to send? Either way in my opinion the information was obtained telepathically, but its source is either Gary, Ann or both. Although you could argue additionally that spirit passed the information here. An interesting sub-experiment though!

Ann’s Rough Sketch of the Image Sent Mentally
Gary’s Physical Star – Very Similar to Ann’s Sketch


This experiment session leaves us with more questions than answers I believe, but I guess that’s how this will work for a while!

Are we beginning to experience channeled or trance type communication?

Does the symbol mentally sent by Ann and identified by the group mean that telepathic communication does play a part in this?

One thing is for sure, we need to continue to develop our communication as a group to ensure communication occurs.

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