Paranormal News Weekly Roundup – 24th November 2019


As each week goes by I often find myself stumbling across various news, social media posts, blogs, articles, books, TV shows and more in relation to the paranormal. Often some of these pass me by never to be seen again, which can be a shame as when I see them I know that I want to read more on them. However, it can often be the wrong time, there are other more pressing things to take care of. As we are often bombarded by lots of this such information only a daily basis, a lot is lost in the digital ether.

So, what I wanted to do with this regular post is attempt to gather some various pieces of information that others like me may be interested to read. I’ve broken this down into a few categories below for now, hopefully you’ll like it – would love to hear your thoughts on the matter?

The Dechmont Woods UFO Incident Passes into Legend

A recent story on the BBC News website recounted the story of Robert Taylor who reported seeing an alien spaceship in the woods near Livingston some 40 years, which also made the headlines.

Taylor reported seeing a 30ft high ‘dome-shaped’ craft in a clearing in the forest near West Lothian on the 9th November 1979.

Although Taylor died in 2007, this local legend lives on with a UFO Trail opening up last year, which takes people to the spot where Taylor saw the alien craft.

Here is a few of the items that caught my eye this week on social media. As I wasn’t on the socials too much I’m afraid I’ve not noted much this week.

  • Hellier Season 2 is big on the socials this week as we fast approach its Amazon Prime release.

Okay I’ll be honest, I don’t watch a whole lot of TV these days. However, I understand that its become quite important to the paranormal community, so I will do my best to find links to some paranormal TV related stuff.

  • Help My House Is Haunted returned to our screens on the 7th November, don’t forget to tune in and catch the latest episodes with the new team.
  • Hellier 2 – The fantastic series that appears to bridge varying aspects of the paranormal returns for a second season this week on Amazon Prime first before moving to YouTube – if you’ve not seen season 1 then catch Hellier Season 1 Here…

This section is somewhere I would like to share a few of the events, investigations, conventions and more that may interest you all. I’ve started with paranormal stuff happening in the UK, as that’s my home country, but may expand to other countries should this post be popular abroad too.

I often spend a lot of my time reading paranormal related blogs, books and articles. So, I figured this would be great to share with you all too. Blogs and online articles are often a great way to discover more on the paranormal and even challenge your own perception of some concepts. There will also likely be items from published journals and magazines too in the future – which of course will be limited to those with memberships to those organisations.

Although generally the idea of this post was to share some of what catches my eye in the paranormal field week to week. I thought it would be good to capture some of this stuff in one place. Makes it easier to find right?

However, there’s always going to be stuff I miss, so please feel free to send me items and I may include them too. It’s a good way to share a lot of what’s happening out there in the paranormal world.

Please feel free to like, share, rate, subscribe and comment below…

Rating: 1 out of 5.

4 thoughts on “Paranormal News Weekly Roundup – 24th November 2019

  1. Here is some paranormal gossip; ‘hot from the press.’ I’ve just spoken with Keith Linder (yes, he of Bothell Hell House notoriety) and he informs me that the ” Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research is coming out with a report Dec 1st of why this case is unique.” His words.
    The thing to note here, is how Mr Linder appears confident in their findings? Its a bit presumptive of him, is it not? Which begs the question as to how much influence Mr Linder has in these matters? I ask; do these institutions act totally independently and in an unbiased way towards reported paranormal activity?


    1. I’ve also heard of this previously. As previously mentioned I’ve yet to review this case in detail and as such reserve complete judgement. From what I have read in Linders two books there does appear to be some interesting items of note worth further review. However, there are equally many aspects that to me seem more as if anything odd is being attributed to the paranormal. We must remember to review without bias in order to discover more. Have you read the books detailing Linders account Stuart?


  2. Not the books, as such. (He has two?) But I have seen the videos which discuss the case and in which he appears himself. He has released a series of videos upon YouTube, in which he talks and analyses each chapter of the book.
    Anyway, my point was about the independence of institutions as mentioned. Are they subject to influence? Are they set up in much the same way as the SPR is? Do they all claim ‘No Corporate Responsibility?’


    1. I would hope that any organisation out there within the field of Psychical research would remain unbiased and balance the facts as they are presented in order to determine their position on any case. Hence in any case like this we must read all accounts available to us in order to make our conclusions. Hopefully the report you refer to will reference it’s sources and then help you determine if it provides enough to support Linders claims.

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