‘Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.’
—-Marie Curie

Although most Research is done in the field during the night, using equipment such EMF, CCTV, camcorders, etc, there is still more background research that can be done. We always ensure that we do our best to gather as much information regarding a case as possible. Through historical information on a location, interviewing witnesses to the phenomena and gathering actual evidence of activity, we will aim to prove what we can according to the evidence.

Investigation Equipment

In all investigations various items of equipment are used in different ways to analyse and record paranormal activity. Its important to document and cover as much as possible to find that element of proof, or even to explain what could be previously mistaken as paranormal.

Paranormal Terminology

This is our ongoing list of paranormal terms and explanations. We will constantly add to and update the list, welcoming any suggestions from visitors to our website.

Investigation Methods

This is another one of our ongoing sections, where we will add various methods used when investigating the paranormal.

Demons and Demonology

This section will cover all things related to Demons and Demonology, hopefully explaining some of the more interesting points of the subject.

Paranormla Theories

This section will cover some of the paranormal theories out there, from Stone Tape to Singapore, we will take a look at it.

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