The Paranormal Investigators Journal

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The Paranormal Investigators Journal

The Paranormal Investigators Journal was originally an idea I had to help structure my own notes around documenting investigations. The concept of how to document our investigations over the years has been something, which has been very close to my heart. It began when I first started researching and investigating the paranormal. It’s also something that I have discovered is equally important to many others that I have met while attending investigations.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing investigators all with their own approaches and focus points, but one particular investigator has always shown the same focus on detail and documentation as I have. Graham Smith has tirelessly attempted to ensure that a standard paranormal case file be out there for all to use. The problem has been that the kind of detail Graham and I would include may not be everyone’s goal and can be quite time consuming to gather.

As I have spent many years with different types of notebooks now in my possession, I decided to combine some of the work I had done on a case file and the information we should be capturing into a structured journal, which could prompt investigators what to document.

It’s my absolute hope that this Paranormal Investigators Journal will give that ability to all investigators who use it, no matter their experience.

The Paranormal Investigators Journal allows you to document six cases and their details, including activity, historic information, plans and more. Then simple paranormal event logs can be documented and linked to the case details in order to create a timeline of paranormal events.

I have also added in six of my favourite simple experiments too, for you to try out whilst investigating. All of which have yielded some interesting results over the years.

All of this is simply housed in a compact A5 size notebook made up of roughly 220 pages. Which is a pretty good size for making notes on the run.



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